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  • Mytee 1003DX or HV

    I found on another site a posting by someone who purchased a Mytee1003 from steambrite. people were asking about the quality of the 1003DX. His reply was 1003HV, 3 stg booster up to 125ft of vac hose run on a 7000 watt generator all left in van, been doing this for 2 years hundreds of satisfied clients no complaints. I am purchasing the 1003DX this week. My question is is it possible to do this with the 1003DX? A booster available? to allow you to use more than the 75ft of hose you can run on the 1003DX or would this require upgrading to the 1003HV? to allow for longer vac hose. For now I will use the machine as a portable as that is what it is, just found this interesting and convenient to leave machine in van, even if you could use generator when power was not available and dryer when power was available.
    So the question is how is he able to use up to 125'ft of vac hose? Can I do this in the future? with a 1003DX? or need 1003HV?

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    found 1 answer/ another question

    seem to have answered my own question. found another post by this same person that said he used a universal vac booster (steambrite $399.00) He has a 1003HV (he states his is a few yrs old and mighty has changed the model to a 1003DX) so not sure if his is a high voltage machine or just a model # change?) any how he says his mytee 1003HV now operates with 3/3 stages of Vac and he runs 100 ft of vac hose everyday.
    Have noticed the only real complaint I can find on a 1003DX or mytee portables is the waste water tank filling up excessively fast.
    How many times would someone have to empty and refill on a 1000 sq ft home with a mytee?
    I am sure there would be variables depending on ones cleaning methods, but any insight on this would be helpful. I believe you had said before auto fill/auto dump could be added to the 1003DX for a price? I am purchasing this machine now, just trying to understand how I can upgrade and expand with this machine without having to purchase a whole new unit. Do understand with all the upgrades I probably will spend as much as it would cost to just upgrade to a new machine, however have a budget for initial investment. but wanted to find a quality machine I could upgrade.
    Also your thoughts on using a generator when power is not available (specs on required generator size?


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      High powered portable carpet cleaning extractors

      The Mytee 1003DX used to be called 1003HV. This reflect just a few feature changes but for the most part the same machine. I do not understand the sq ft question. Is this a 1000 sq ft home that is vacant with 700 sq ft of rooms and closets to clean. Or is the home furnished and you are only cleaning 500 sq ft because this is the average amount of cleanable carpet to can gain access to in a furnished 1000 sq ft home, OR is this a furnished home that is 2000 sq ft with a 1000 sq ft of cleanable area? Or maybe you are asking how many times you would need to dump the machine after cleaning 1000 sq ft of carpet? This takes 2.5 tank fulls.

      Auto dump can be added to the Mytee 1003DX for $399.99 This would be sub/rear mounted style. This means low flow and can only be used for cleans (no water extraction) This adds a third power cord or it can be wired to used only without the heater turned on.
      Please note, if you want to purchase a machine with 8 or nine stages of vacuum with auto dump, you could either add the Mytee 7001 to the Mytee 1003DX or you could just purchase a Goliath. You can purchase the Goliath with 8 stages of vacuum, auto dump, 500 psi pump, and a 10,000 BTU heater that runs on two power cords for $3100. Now by the time you add a 10,000 watt generator to runs all this, you might as well just purchase the ProStart Truckmount.
      Steambrite MFG ProStart Trailer Base 1720 lbs., SBMProStart-Trailer, Truck Mounts by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Steambrite MFG, 1720 Lb. Capacity Super Duty 48 x 96 Utility Trailer with 12 Five Lug Wheels and Tires Tilting Deck, Re...

      You need to use 2" vacuum hose except for the last 15 ft, use 1-1/2" vacuum hose.
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        last questions

        thanks for the info. I did mean a 1000 sq ft vacant house with 700 sq ft of carpet.
        We have a $4000 budget to purchase a machine w/ a startup package, hoses,wands, solution, etc. So were going to go with the package you set up for us (mytee 1003 DX package). Just when I saw the goliath package for $5888.00 I was seeing If I would be able to upgrade, but after reviewing the financial situation have decided to start with the Mytee package, we will be ordering this week by Friday. The plan would be to start with the package you have set up for us and then upgrade in a couple years or when necessary and finances will allow, to one of your Pro start truckmount units. That way we will have a quality portable and a truckmount. Here are my last questions regarding the !003DX
        1. Can I in the future add a universal vac booster for $399.00 to the 1003DX?
        2. if so will it allow me to run up to 100 to 125 ft of 2" vac hose?
        3. Some homes I clean may not have power on ocassion, I own a Craftsman 5500 watt generator, can I use this on ocassion when I do not have access to power? is 5500 watt adequate to run the 1003DX?
        We will add the stove adaptor plugs to our order when we call.


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          Mytee 1003DX with a 5500 watt Generator

          The mytee 1003DX will run on a 5500 watt generator and this will totally max it out. You can add the Universal vacuum booster and with 2" hose you will be able to run 200 ft of hose.