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Required genaerator size for 1003DX

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  • Required genaerator size for 1003DX

    I have a couple last questions.
    1. will adding a universal vac booster (steambrite $399.00) allow me tu run additional 2" vac hose? the current max of 75ft can I run 100 or even 125 ft when using vac booster?
    2. I have a craftsman 5500 watt generator is 5500 watts adequate to run the 1003DX?
    I ask because occassionally I will work on a house that may not have power. So need to know if I need to upgrade my generator, it has both 120 and 240 outputs on it.

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    mytee 1003Dx on a generator

    The universal vacuum booster on the mytee 1003dx would give you 300 cfm and up to 130" of lift. You could run 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose! Please remember any time you are going to use more than 75 ft of hose, the bulk of the distance needs to be 2" ID.
    A 5500 watt generator is maxed out with the mytee 1003 dx. It is so maxed out that I am not sure how long the generator would last. It will run it, just not good for the generator.