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auto pump out+heater removal

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  • auto pump out+heater removal


    i have 3 of the eclipse/whisper machines and would like to add an apo to one of the machines. i also want to remove the heater and add a 4th vac.
    what is an apo, good enough to pump out against the vacuum of the machine? it has 3-2stage vacs right now.

    the wiring now has 2 vacs and the 250psi adjustable pump on cord #1, the heater and the 3rd vac on cord #2.

    i wish to keep the cord #1 set-up the way it is. after removing the heater, i wish to use the existing heater wiring to power the 4th vac, the other vac and the apo on cord#2.

    right now, the pump and heater work via a relay and fuse. knowing these heaters dont keep pace for cleaning, i figure to use the space it takes up for the 4th vac, plus take away some weight.

    the big question is this:

    can the relays, fuses, and its associated wiring be removed and safely operate the machine once the changes are made? i recall my old commanche machines having no relays or fuses, making them simple.
    i will also remove the unloader valve, and use the pump as a non-adjustable 250psi.

    the goal i seek is to use the machine for water removal when needed, have a touch more vac power, and make the machine lighter and more repair friendly by removing the heater, and all the brass and hoses.

    i'm sure you know these machines are a real nuisance to work on.


    p.s. the way the machine is currently wired with the relay and fuses, the heater and pump will not work once disconnected or the fuse or relay is blown. the vacs work either way.

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    eclipse/whisper machines repair

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    The above unit boost your vacuum (CFM) and auto dumps.
    The relays are to operate the safety features. You can remove them but they will not turn off the machine when it is full.
    Look at the color of the wires coming from the pump. If they are black and white then the pump uses AC current. If the wires are red and black then the pump uses DC current and may have to keep the wiring in the default formate in order to convert the ac current to dc current.
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      thank you!