Comment: I was about to purchase model # PFX1380CW when I get to the end the decription I find that there is no hose or wand included . How dissappointing - your picture shows a hose and wand included !!! That is so deceptive ! I have a $1500 budget and that would have worked for the features I was looking for.

Possible answer: I hope you realize that this is not a SteamBrite issue rather a Powrflite issue. They supply the photos, they build the machine, they tell us what to write on the webpage. I too think this is weird policy. Powrflite does not make wands, rather they private label PMF tools.
The exact same feature are also available in the Mytee 2001CS machine. Visit
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Changing brands let you take the machine up a notch in performance. I don't want to leave any money on the table. Please look at Mytee 1001DX
This machine has 4 stages of vacuum instead of 3,
2000 watts of heat instead of 1200 watts.
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