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Looking for a great portable package(question for Donald)

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  • Looking for a great portable package(question for Donald)

    I have been a member of this forum long enough to really go through the contents on portable machines. I own a Sandia 2/100 that I purchased as a business start up package. My business has quickly out ran the operating potential of this machine. I do want a power wand such as the Rotovac with my new portable and 75 feet of hose will do me very well as I only clean high rise condos. I am looking for a powerful extractor that will run the Rotovac well. I am impressed with the published water lift of the Eclipse extractor 4-2stage vacs at 340 inches of lift. I realize these numbers may be a bit or a lot, exaggerated. I need a machine that has very good water lift and very good cfm, as I have learned both are very important. I have not been taught the math behind the importance of cfm and waterlift but as a relatively new guy in the business high numbers impress me, however real world results and very clean carpets are paramount to me. Auto fill and dump are a must with the power wand. I do not do any heavy flood restoration and I am interested in starting to clean tile to get more business. I can use a ramp to load and unload, weight is not too much of a problem. I do want plenty of pressure at the wand tip to help clean carpet well. Do you have or can you put together a package deal on adjustable high psi machine and powerwand(Rotovac)I need a good setup. I have no problem with 3 cords to plug in.

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    Auto fill and dump machines for use with a power wand

    Some top picks for your problem would be:
    The main thing you are looking for use with power wands are machines that have auto fill and dump with 6 or 8 stages of vacuum.
    Goliath in 500 psi or 1200 psi, with or without heat
    Mytee M-3
    Mytee M-5
    Mytee M-5 PLUS
    Jaguar 6.6
    Sandia 80-3500 with the Auto Fill and Dump addition.
    TMI Whisper/ Eclipse
    MasterBlend Truckforce

    You could also upgrade your machine you already have by vacuum booster with auto dump
    Mytee 7303
    and then park a stand alone water pump next to a sink.

    If you purchase a Rotovac at the same time you purchase a carpet cleaning machine, you will get an extra $200 off the cost of the machine.


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      I noticed you listed the m-5 with the rotovac package. I saw it comes with 1.5 inch vacuum hoses. would 50 feet of two inch and 10 to 15 ft of 1.5 at wand do me better/


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        M-5 with the rotovac

        To change out the 1.5" to 2" vacuum hose and add the H138 connector is $25 upgrade.