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  • Goliath Demo in California

    Question: Hello,
    Is it possible to get a demo of the Goliath extractor? I'm in San Diego. Also, will the Goliath work with a Rotovac 360i? If you have a local distributor please have them give me a call.
    Thanks Rich

    Answer: I have a dealer in Newberry Springs California but these unit almost always stay sold out. We always have a waiting list for orders. This presents a problem for if I have a paid in full order we ship out as soon as the machine is finished being built. This does not leave a window for a week to set up a demo. I have been trying to get my hands on one long enough to film a demo at my home so I can place on youtube and not been able to this done either. I do have a factory rep that lives in Los Vegas, NV and travels to California every now and then but he has had the same problem I have had. No extra machines to demo or show for that keep selling as fast as we can make them. As of today, I have a 500 psi non heated model in San Antonio, Tx but the Heat Exchanger and Complete Heat models have a two week wait time between ordering and shipping.
    As far as the Rotovac usage, this is a perfect machine for the Rotovac. The requirements to use a Rotovac are at least 6 stages of vacuum and auto fill and auto dump. With any machine that is hooked to the sink means that it is not going to follow you around the home so you want to calculate your hose length. Visit

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    Question: What is a carpet cleaning machine 'Power Wand'? Answer: A power wand refers to any carpet cleaning wand that operates on the end of a vacuum and solution