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Add air hog to Pex 500

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  • Add air hog to Pex 500

    Question: I have a portable extractor called pex 500 by us products that is uses 1.5 hose size and uses 2, 3 stage vacuum. What kind of cfm and lift would it be with air hog attached. I do not like to carry the portable up the stairs so I think this air hog would be great. What do I need to get so that I can still use 1.5 " hoses. Do you have hose connector for 1.5 hoses?

    Answer: The air hog is going to take you cfm to 200 cfm (max for your hose size)
    This is double from what you have now.
    Please see chart at
    Hose mount and machine mount booster give the same results. This is the reason for me sending you to this page.
    Inches of water lift is going to be about 125 to 150"

    Pex 500

    Mytee Air Hog

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    question on chart

    Hello I have a similar question about adding a air hog or similar booster. I am questioning your numbers for inches of lift on the chart: I have 3-3 stages in parallel. I believe they are 5.7 amtec lamb. I have tested my machine with a water lift gauge and I max it out. I suspect I am running over 275" lift. Are these smaller vac motors on the chart?


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      meant to say 3 3 stage in series not parallel.


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        vacuum booster use.

        The Universal vacuum booster is mounted in parallel to the vacuum on the machine. It does increase the "uses inches of lift" as meaning with the wand on the carpet while cleaning because you are pulling more cfm. This is true with all hose mount boosters while exhaust mount booster increase your inches of lift and "use cfm" when the wand is cleaning. Many times carpet cleaners are concerned about inches of lift at zero cfm or total cfm at zero inches of lift. Neither of these are real numbers because nobody cleans at zero cfm or zero inches of lift. When the wand is on the carpet it is like half of both of these.