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delivery to Russia in Moscow

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  • delivery to Russia in Moscow

    Unsmoke Thermo-55 Tabac-Attack Gallon---1 piece
    Unsmoke Thermo-55 Citrus-Lemon Gallon--1 piece
    Unsmoke Thermo-55 Cherry Gallon---1 piece
    full delivery?(delivery to Russia in Moscow),

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    international shipping rules on liquids

    I just called Fedex and they will not accept any liquid of any type. You have to only do ocean shipping and then ground to your location.
    In other words, if you were going to do this, you would want to ship a pallet of liquid (36 cases) and then resell the chemical in your country.
    Any other form of transport will become unreasonably too expensive. At this way you can divide up your expenses into the 144 gallons of product you have.
    For example if the transportation cost $7000 then each gallon cost you $48.61 in shipping while if you purchase only one case you might spend $1000 a gallon for shipping.


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      international shipping rules on liquids

      We have to ship international liquids by ocean shipping on a pallet. So you really need to consider ordering 36 cases or at lease a half a pallet.