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kohler engine sv620-0210 shipping to Australia

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  • kohler engine sv620-0210 shipping to Australia

    Question: I am interested in buying a kohler engine sv620-0210. Can you please email me the cost in Australian dollare and the shipping amount as well to Cloncurry QLD Australia 4824.

    Kohler 22hp Courage Vertical Engine PA-SV620-0210 Husqvarna Discount Shipping SV620S, SV620-0210, Kohler Courage SV610 & SV620 Retired-contact for replacement , Engines, Parts & Accessories, by Kohler,  Kohler 22hp Courage Vertical Engine ...

    Answer: Please note that the factory only provide poor packaging and shipping damage is common. Because of this the main distribution center now requires that engine can no longer travel from the factory to the customer and this engine will have to go from the factory, to the Texas hub on a pallet/skid, then to Steambrite in San Antonio, TX (one a pallet/skid) then get double boxed and back out to you. This is $1400 USD in packaging, shipping, and insurance.

    The item is $819.17

    Total in USD $2219.17

    OR $3110 in Australian Dollare