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Chemicals for fogging international air delivery

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  • Chemicals for fogging international air delivery

    As I understand it, oily solvents for thermo-fogging can only be sent by sea.
    Are Water Based Deodorants and Quats Disinfectants and Sanitizers for ULV fogging allowed to be sent by airmail?
    Interested in odor control, sterilization, mold control and insect control.

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    This is a 'most, but not all' sort of answer. Chemical manufacturers have to mark their products for whether or not they are air shippable or not, this marking is called "ORM-D"

    This is what turns the answer into a case-by-case-basis answer, as we would need to look into the individual product and find whether it is, or is not an ORM-D product. If it is, then to the best of my knowledge it is UPS shippable, although not FedEx, or US Postal Service shippable. (The ups shipping rates are simply higher because of marking it this way.) If it is not an ORM-D product, then it should be able to ship fine. Off the top of my head, some water based deodorants are ORM-D, while most disinfectants are not. If you are not sure about the product you are interested in, consult the manufacturer's MSDS (aka 'SDS') and it should explain whether it is or is not.

    Section 14 / Page 5 - Pro's choice Lemon Deodorizer is an ORM-D product --

    Section 14 / Page 3 - Chemspec Botaniclean is not an ORM-D product -- https://www.legendbrandsrestoration....SDS%20RevB.pdf

    Simply consult section 14 of the product's msds literature and the ORM-D designation will determine if it is, or is not air shippable.


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      Please note that with ocean shipping with SDS paperwork, the product would make it to your location, but no chemicals on an airplane are allowed any more!