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Tile cleaning and Dehumidifier shipping to Australia.

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  • Tile cleaning and Dehumidifier shipping to Australia.

    QUESTION: just wondering, roughly how much it would coast for shipping to Australia
    a tile claener spinner, and maybe a dehumidifier.

    ANSWER: First of all, please read the posting at
    You will notice at the bottom it already gives examples of prices of some different tools. If you have a specific tile cleaning tool you need a quote on please let me know the model number.
    Now if you want to purchase a dehumidifier. The model number and I need to know if you want door to door service, or door to port and if you want the port to be ocean or air.
    I have to know the model number because each dehumidifier has a different weight and size to it and shipping from different warehouses.

    230 volt dehumidifiers
    Tile cleaning tools
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