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Shipping rate for Mytee 1005DX-230v_C to Australia

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  • Shipping rate for Mytee 1005DX-230v_C to Australia

    QUESTION: Hi guys,
    I currently use a Mytee portable machine and I am looking at purchasing another for my business.
    I require a mytee speedster or equivalent with 2, 3 stage vac motors (no heaters) in 230 volt for use in
    Australia. Hose and wand also please.
    I also require it to be shipped to Queensland Australia please.
    Would you be able to quote me for this please.
    Kind regards

    ANSWER: Usually these ship for about $1000 but rates change daily. Do get an exact quote takes a few days. Please make sure that your equipment list is complete. What I do not want to happen, is, we quote the shipping then the you ask for another item to be added to the skid that in turn is going to cause us to but the shipping out to bid again. I also recommend that is you have a skid of product heading your way, that you fill it up. The cost per kilo goes down as the kilo's go up. I also need to know if you want door to port or door to door shipping as well as ocean or air.
    For example if the shipping rate came to $1000 listed below is what you could be looking at:
    Mytee 1005DX-230v_C is currently $2198.00
    Plastic skid is $40
    Total project might be $3238.00

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