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    International customers always had two ways to pay One was by wire transfer and the other by The alowed for payments by confirmed and varified accounts, to pay by credit card. I wanted to let all our international customers that has some new rules that is going to make it more expensive to ship international on item over $250. For international purchases our customer could choose to ship small boxes by the US Postal Service. This was way cheaper than fedex and usually had less custom and duty fees attached too. Paypal does not garrantee international transactions over $250 that are shipped by the US Post Office. What this means is you will have to decide on one of two things if your order is over $250. One pay by wire tranfer and then ship by the post office. 2nd is to pay by and ship by fedex and pay more for the shipping. So happens if you pay by and we ship by the post office and the item is over $250? Answer: SteamBrite does not get paid! This means to the customer, you have to decide: save money and pay by wire transfer and we ship by the post office, or use and we ship by fedex and you pay those higher shipping rates.

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