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shipping charges not showing up on check out.

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  • shipping charges not showing up on check out.

    Question: The website will not show the estimated shipping cost as I try to check out. What is wrong?

    Answer: If you use an international address, the website does not know how to calculate the shipping.
    You will have to just complete the check out process. Do not insert credit card information, rather just use the radio button that states you will mail a check later and complete the check out process.
    This will let us see what you have interest in and we will contact the international shipping companies for a shipping rate. Once the rate comes back, we can cancel the order or you can move forward with a wire transfer. Please note since all the shipping quotes are hand done, it might take a few days to email you back with the shipping quote.

    So far non of the shipping companies have a software that they will share with us on instant quotes with it comes to ocean shipping on pallets orders to port address or door delivery.
    All the freight calculations have to be done by hand. We always have to find out if the shipping is ocean or air, and it you want port shipping or all the way to the door shipping. Please note in our comment box on the check out page if you want air or ocean shipping and if you want it to the port or all the way to your door.
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