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Dry Cleaning Carpet -220 volt Part one

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  • Dry Cleaning Carpet -220 volt Part one

    I was asked to write this four our international customers (220- 230 volt) that wanted to clean carpet with a ‘Dry Cleaning Method’ also known as ‘chemical method,’ or ‘low moisture method,’ or ‘chem method.’ First of all it is important to understand what dry cleaning means. First of all when clothes are taken to the dry cleaners a solvent cleaning method is used where the clothes are cleaned with naphtha or perkethalene based solvent (virtually no water). When the term dry carpet cleaning is used, water is always used as part of the cleaning process. Because of this the term dry cleaning refers to a cleaning process where the carpet is dry in less than three hours. So for clothes the term refers to the cleaning agent, where on carpet it refers to the dry time achieved. Here in the United States the top four methods of dry cleaning are Adsorbent Powder Cleaning , Spin Bonnet Cleaning, Dry Extraction Cleaning, and Dry Foam Cleaning.

    Here in the United States 220 volt equipment cost more than 110 volt equipment, so if you need a similar 110 volt set up, please email for a quote.

    Adsorbent powder cleaning – Principle: The adsorbent power releases the cleaners into the carpet during agitation and suspend the soil so as the power is allowed to dry, the compound soaks up the loosened soil. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum thoroughly to remove as much dirt and cleaning compound as possible.

    Advantages: Anybody can use this method with no training. There is not way you can over apply too much cleaner. Anyone can operate a vacuum cleaner can perform this method. There is no way the cleaning tech can over wet the carpet.

    Disadvantages: Removes the least amount of dirt from the carpet. Difficult to remove all the cleaning compound from the carpet. Cleaning compound is expensive per sq meter.

    Made of: Many absorbent powder cleaning agents are made from grinding up the corn on the cob center (the part left over after eating corn on the cob.) The corn on the cob powder is treated with water based and solvent based cleaners. The consistency is a wet saw dust looking compound.

    Procedure: prevacuum with pile lifter, sprinkle driway compound, scrub in with DriWay Jr. counter rotating agitator, post apply and scrub in diluted Kryptonite cleaner on heavy spots, allow to dry, post vacuum with pile lifter.

    230 volt DriWay Jr. $531.67
    6 units Dri Way Compound for 20 lbs (9 Kilograms) of powder cleaner (54 Kilo's total) $58.96 X 6 = $353.76
    230 volt Pile Lifter $2000
    8 gallon (2 cases) Kryptonite cleaner $14.95 X 8 = $119.60
    - dilute one 40 ml to 4 liters of water to help remove stubborn spots and stains. Use while scrubbing in DriWay powder. You will be able to see if the spots are coming out of the carpet or not while you are using the DriWay Jr to agitate the powdered into the carpet.

    Total 220 volt Adsorbent powder cleaning $3005.03

    Spin Bonnet Cleaning –
    Principle: If I where to spray soap and water on your car and use a towel/bonnet to dry your car the car would look cleaner and the towel would get dirtier. If I take a cleaner and spray it on your carpet and take a spinning towel/bonnet and buff the carpet the carpet would get cleaner as the towel/bonnet gets dirtier.

    Advantages: Very fast cleaning method. Very little investment in equipment and cleaning agent, Appearance improvement is tremendous. Removes more soil from the carpet than Dry Foam or Absorbent Powder. This is the most widely used low moisture method of the four.

    Procedure: pre-vacuum with pile lifter, pre-spray Crystal Spin cleaner on bonnet and on carpet, buff carpet with clean bonnets, Rotate bonnets regularly or change bonnet out with a new one. Trigger spray diluted Kryptonite on spots that are not coming out with the Crystal Spin, groom with rake or brush, blow dry with fans. Post vacuuming optional with Pile lifter when completely dry.

    Procedure: Prevacuum carpet with pile lifter or commercial vacuum cleaner. Spray Crystal Spin cleaner on carpet and on bonnet. Only spray about 20 sq meters at a time. Have some diluted Kryptonite in a trigger sprayer for use in removing stubborn spots. Rotate or change out bonnet every 20 sq meters. Groom carpet when finished to remove swirl marks. Allow to dry. Optional post vacuum with pile lifter when dry.

    230 volt Pullman Holt 1.5 Hp 175 rpm 18 inch floor machine $997

    19 inch Dirt Napper Bonnet Driver with riser $99.98. This has a one inch row of brushes that surround a 17 inch bonnet that rest in the middle. The bonnet is held in place by shorter stiffer bristles.

    Clutch to mate Dirt Napper to floor machine $7.99

    15 unit of 17" reversible bonnets (can be washed and dried in washing machines and used over and over) $26 each X 15 = $390
    Substitute White 17 inch pads instead of bonnets for a more disposable method. Once the pads are dirty on both sides throw away. This is great for really large jobs where you do not own enough bonnets. One side of one pad or bonnet will clean about 200 sq ft. (19 square meters) of carpet. These synthetic pads can be pressure washed at a car wash spray booth for cleaning to use again and again.

    Solo 2 gallon commercial pump up sprayer $38.96

    Fast spray TeeJet 6506 spray tip for above pump up sprayer $4.99

    6 cases Crystal Spin Dry Cleaner concentrate $98.22 X 6 = $589.32

    230 volt Pile lifter to be used to prevacuum carpet or post vacuum carpet after cleaning $2000

    Kryptonite spot cleaner and prespray
    8 gallon (2 cases) Kryptonite cleaner $14.95 X 8 = $119.60

    Grandi Groomer Carpet Rake $22.50 (for twisted filaments)

    Grandi Brush Carpet Brush $29.95 (for non twisted filaments - wool rugs..)

    Two 230 Volt Mytee .33 Hp Air movers carpet fans ($199 + $25 shipping to our location for palletizing) $224 each = $448

    Total 220- 230 volt Spin Bonnet Cleaning $4748.29

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    Dry Cleaning Carpet 220 volt Part 2

    Dry Foam Cleaning uses the same principle of cleaning but uses only bristles instead of bonnets. Equipment variations are using machines that scrub the carpet with cylindrical brushes, counter rotating brushes, or with a standard floor machine (like used on the spin bonnet). Some machines also use compressed air to mix with the dry foam cleaner to lather up the cleaner on the carpet.

    Advantages: the fasted of all the low moisture cleaning methods because there are no bonnets to change out.

    Disadvantages: Bonnet cleaning removes dirt by absorbing dirt into the bonnet that is left behind with this method. It is worth the small added time and expense of changing out bonnets or pads to improve the cleaning results so this makes this the least common low moisture cleaning method.

    Dry Extraction Cleaning - This is when you steam clean with a Ninja, and blow dry the carpet with four air movers.

    Advantage is that this method removes the largest spectrum (both soluble and insoluble) of soil and leaves the least amount of chemical residue. This method cost the least to perform in chemical expense (a small amount of cleaner will clean a lot of square meters of carpeting). Easy up sale, for 25% of the customers that want a hot water extraction or steam cleaning method are willing to pay 25% more in order to guarantee that the carpet will be dry in one hour.

    Disadvantage: Takes the longest to perform. Needs the most amount of training and equipment. Requires the most amount of electricity to operate all the equipment.

    Procedure: Prevacuum carpet. Prespray Carpet with diluted Powerhouse and Kryptonite. Agitate into carpet with rotary floor machine, bonnet, carpet rake, or carpet brush, etc… Prespray should be allowed to set on carpet for at least 15 minutes but not allowed to dry. Rinse with diluted Flush Rinse Aid in the Ninja extractor making extra dry strokes. Place carpet fan on just rinsed carpet. The fan needs to be installed on each half of room and turned on as soon as possible. Do not wait until the entire room is rinsed before turning on fan. When you finished cleaning the first half of the third room, remove the first fan and install in this area. Continue to rotate fans from oldest cleaned area to newest cleaned area until finished. Always inspect carpet with customer to confirm that the carpet will be dry within an hour of you leaving the job site. Option: You can also take a dry bonnet on a rotary floor machine to towel dry the rinsed carpet. If you use a dry bonnet, you must move fast since the bonnet will not be lubricated you could burn the carpet.

    230 volt Ninja 500 psi with hose set and wand $2090

    230 volt Pile lifter to be used to prevacuum carpet or post vacuum carpet after cleaning $2000

    Additional smaller spray tips (teejet 11001) $10

    Prespray with injection sprayer $104

    with Powerhouse and
    Kryptonite spot cleaner and prespray
    8 gallon (2 cases) Kryptonite cleaner $14.95 X 8 = $119.60

    8 gallons of dry powder (2 cases @ $98 each) = $196

    Agitate with Carpet Rake
    Grandi Groomer Carpet Rake $22.50 (for twisted filaments)

    Rinse with Ninja using Flush Rinse Aid
    16 gallons $14.99 = $239.84

    Spot clean with Dry Cleaner and rerinse spots
    8 gallons X $19.99 = $159.92

    Blow dry using 4 air mover carpet driers.
    Four 230 Volt Mytee .33 Hp Air movers carpet fans ($199 + $25 shipping to our location for palletizing) $224 each X 4 = $896

    Total 220 volt Dry Extraction Cleaning $5837.86

    We can increase or decrease items to fit your budget.

    All these methods are designed to have the carpet dry within one hour of being finished and gone from the job site.


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