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  • Upholstery wand on stairs

    Question: Hey Donald. I was wondering if I could use an upholstery wand on stairs. I saw some tools that said you can use it on both. But the upholstery wand I have in my package I'm going to order doesn't say anything about being able to use it on stairs. I'm trying to see how I can save a few bucks on my package so I can hopefully make it to where I can afford to get the heat exchanger. As it is right now, I can't afford it. I'm going to get the 2 year extended warranty like you suggested so that took up almost $300. I would really like to get it so if there is a way I can save a few bucks on my package I would like to do it. What do you think?
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    Answer: You can use upholstery tools on stairs, you just have to bend over. This is uncomfortable. The idea with stairs wands is you are trying to stand up more and have better ergonomics. Usually you will see tool in the 3.5" wide for cleaning cars, 4.5" wide for upholstery, 6" and 9" wide for stairs. But all these tools can cross over into other jobs. If you had to pick only one tool, I would tell you to select a 4.5" stainless head, internal spray, with a 6 foot hide-a-hose.
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    Add on the filter and male QD.
    You can also drop the extended warranty to save money. Please note that a lot of components in a carpet cleaning machine only last about 1.5 to 2 years. It is not uncommon at the 2 year mark to change out the electric motor on the water pump and the vacuum motors. The extended warranty is the cheapest in the long run but more money up front.

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    Yes it will take a little longer to clean stairs with a upholstery tool but it is possible, heck you can clean a sofa with a wand if you want too.
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