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    Here are a couple of questions from a novice thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business.

    1) I am wondering if someone with quite a bit of experience using different brands of carpet cleaning machines can give me some advice as to which brand seems to give the best value. (longest lasting, minimal repairs, low cost) I have looked at ProChem and Bane so far.

    2) What are the pros and cons to electrical vs gas engine driven carpet cleaning machines? Which would you chose?

    3) If you had a $11,000 budget to pay for all equipment to get started, would you choose a truck mounted system or portable, or a combo unit that does both?

    4) Anybody used the "No Competition" marketing program that is advertised on the Prochem website for $4,000? If so how did it work?I like the idea but is is very costly.

    Any other helpful advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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    truckmount VS portable

    similar comments are found at

    Machines that do both are the Shazaam Enterprise and the Prowler Hot Wheels. These are portable truckmounts with auto dump.
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