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20 hp 45 blower (2045) truckmount questions

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  • 20 hp 45 blower (2045) truckmount questions

    Question: Yes i have a friend who owns a warehouse and he has a forklift that's where i will get it delivered postal code is v3w 6b9 Surrey British Columbia Canada. As for the extra hoses i will just use the old one i have as my budget is prohibiting me . What will be the shipping charge? How long will it take to be delivered? How long will the water be hot and at what temperature when using a 2 jet wand? What will be the fuel consumption as this engine is 20HP. Is 20HP Engine powerful enough to run the 45 blower and 2000psi pump? does the heater works with LPG or Propane?

    Answer: Please clarify the truck-mount and all options and accessories you want me to quote to that postal code.
    A 20 hp engine is under-powered to run a 45 blower and 2000 psi. If you place your hand over the end of the vacuum hose, you will here the engine slow down. Since cleaning carpets is not full occlusion, for the most part it is OK except for heavy water damage vacuuming. This is why our other truckmounts that 20 hp engines on them run a 36 blower or if they run a 45 blower we use a 25 or 27 hp engine. 100% of this engine will be in use. The 20-45 configuration does not allow for solenoid vacuum relief or knuckle vacuum relief and must be traditional spring vacuum relief (since they leak more).
    How hot? Even a 16 hp truckmount can maintain 200 degrees with a 2 jet wand. Just like with portables you can change your flow rate based on your jet size. Truckmounts can use the following jet sizes on the two jets wands: 11001, 110015, 11002, 11003.
    Please note the flow rate on the 11003 is 3 times that of the 11001 jet size. In pressure washing world at 4000 psi the last number refers to the number of gallons that might pass through the orifice. Naturally we use these jets at 500 psi and not 4000 psi so our flow rate are much less, but you get the idea. I always keep 3 jet sizes on my truck at all times. 01 jets are for high heat and less water for faster dry times. A good option for customer that are cleaning and want to put the carpet back in service right away. 03 jets are good for flushing through the carpet lots of water and are good for vacant homes that do not have to dry right away but are super dirty. 015 or 02 jet for most other work. A little of both worlds.
    Does the heater work on propane or LP?
    No, Both 2045 models you were looking at heat the water using engine exhaust to heat the water. You can add propane heating to supplement traditional truck-mount heat ex-changer heat. Using both heaters is a common practice for customers that do a lot of tile cleaning and pressure washing when heat exchanger heat cannot keep up.

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