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Flea and Tick Removal for carpet and upholstery

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  • Flea and Tick Removal for carpet and upholstery

    Question: Was wondering and just tossing idea around for starting up a business for strictly focusing on flea and tick removal cleaning out of homes and odor. Do u sell the equipment and procedures to do this. I am on east coast and fleas are a real ****. Not many competition on this particular subject.

    Answer: The procedure would be to clean the carpet and upholstery with Microban X590 and then post apply it when done.
    Post application means to spray it on and let it dry on the fabric/ carpet.

    It would also be best to steam clean the carpet as opposed to just hot water extraction. Watch the videos posted at

    Please note we do not have just one piece of equipment to will perform this type of work. More than likely hundreds of choices.
    To see one example visit