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  • Someone please help...

    Hello room I want to know the best way to get started with my own carpet cleaning bussiness.....Someone please help

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    Start a carpet cleaning business

    First you need to make a list of all the things you are going to need and knock out the projects one at a time.
    How do you want to handle book keeping? You might want to use an accounting service to do it yourself.
    What methods of cleaning do you want to use and who will be your customer base?
    This will lead to what type of equipment you want to use and what type of service vehicle you want to use to transport yourself and your equipment with.
    Secure business liability insurance.
    Secure cell phone service.
    Do you have a budget in mind?
    Register your assumed name at the court house and register with the sale and use tax office.
    What type of marketing do you want to use?
    Get a small listing started in your local yellow pages.