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  • Starting a Duct cleaning Buisness

    Question: I am in the selling business of HVAC and have several customers wanting their ducts cleaned. I have no knowledge about this process and am interested in learning and purchasing eguipment for this business. Can you help me with info and materials ? Any videos or literature for education purposes. I am going to purchase as soon as I find out the needs. I am located in WV with various types homes.

    Thanks, Ctpoca

    Answer: All of the different types of air duct cleaning equipment incorporate some type of agitation system and some type of suction/capturing system.
    Agitation systems can include: compressed air (hose whip or blast), swirling brush driven by compressed air, swirling brush driven by cable, swirling brush driven by electricity.
    Suction systems can be one of three options: individual vacuum hoses that travel down each duct as it is being cleaned along with the swirling brush, a negative air systems that involves cutting an access hole in the side of the plenum and installing a collar and then using a stationary high suction device, or using a mounting stand that holds a large vacuum hose up against on of the duct openings.
    The vacuum systems can be electric or gas powered. Portable or truckmounted.
    You could spend a reasonable amount or allot.
    My personal favorite is the TurboAir with the Octavac 6 stage HEPA vacuum.
    This system is reversible, portable, electric system that operates on three 15 amp breakers (two for the vacuum and one for the air compressor). The TurboAir system can clean ducts up to 18" in diameter and leaves the operators hand free to use the vacuum hose because the spinning of the brush is controlled by foot petals located on what ever rung of the ladder the operator wants to stand on.
    This system cost $1788 for the TurboAir
    $991 for the Octavac
    $289 for the ULV fogger
    $99 for a case of duct sanitizer
    Current total price = $3167

    Basic procedures:
    Carry 7 ft ladder (easy to move around in 8 ft ceilings) and 10 ladder (will fit inside the standard extended wheel base van) in truck as needed.
    Take care of any paper work with customer.
    Prep area as needed. (Move furniture to access vents, then cover nearby furniture with plastic to protect it.)
    Turn off power to ventilation system..
    After you perform your pre-inspection of the system both in the ducts and in the attic, put on your safety goggles and dust mask. Remove vent covers and place in soapy cleaner in a plastic/rubber tub.
    Scrub vents with upholstery brush and rinse off.
    Leave vent covers on driveway to dry.
    Carry a couple of cans of spray ****t (in different colors) as an 'add on' to re****t vents after cleaning and before installation.
    Lay out and plug in all your cleaning equipment. I would leave the air compressor on the front port and just run the air hose into each room that is being cleaned.
    Vacuum ventilation system intake area with duster brush attachment.
    Replace and clean ventilation filter. (great add on to sell filters)
    Place magnet on AC unit to remind your customer who to call. Place plain sticker and label with date of cleaning and estimated return appointment.
    Install the appropriate size duct brush in the end of the cleaning nozzle.
    Place the ladder under one of ducts/vents and hook on the air valve foot control plate.
    Add the lubrication oil in the TurboAir air lines before connecting to the back side of the foot plate.
    Feed TurboAir cleaning nozzle down duct at a rate of 1" per second as far as you can.
    Then reverse the direction of the brush and then pull the tool back out of the duct at 1" per second.
    Relocate the ladder to each duct and repeat the cleaning procedure.
    Clean carpet (if needed)
    Change out dust mask for respirator.
    Fog with EPA approved duct sanitizer (if needed or paid for. 5 min. per duct @ 1.5 revolution on ULV fogger) Make sure customer does not breath atomized chemical.
    Replace vent covers.
    Collect. Ask customer when it would be OK to contact them for follow up appointment.

    We also sell all the other types of systems but this system offers the most bang for the buck.

    We currently do not have selection of videos to watch but hope to solve that issue soon. The good thing about this service is it is easy to do and the steps oulined above are easy to follow even without a video.

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    Turbobrite vs Turboair Air Duct Cleaning Tools

    We have a truck mounted steam carpet cleaning system and would like to be able to do furnace air duct cleaning. Would the TurboBrite Rotary Air Duct Cleaning Gold or Silver do the job for us? What is a dust downer? Would we need other equipment? Please advise.

    Thank you,

    The Turbobrite system spins only in one direction and cleans ducts up to 10" in diameter. The Turbobrite system does have the option to clean square and rectangular ducts but is still not as efficient as using a reversible brush. In square ducts the brush rides on each side of the duct depending on which direction the brush is turning.
    The TurboAir system spins the brush either in forward and reverse and cleans ducts up to 18" in diameter.
    The Turbobrite system can be powered by any vacuum system that has at least 6 stages of vacuum (dual 3 stage, triple 2 stage), truckmount, or 8 stage vacuum source.
    the Turboair system can operate on a 4 stage vacuum system (or larger) as long as the vacuum motors are mounted in parallel (200 cfm)
    The Turbobrite is powered (spinning action) by the vacuum.
    The Turboair is powered by an air compressor.
    The dust downer is a device that sprays water into the vacuum hose to turn the dry dirt into mud so your carpet cleaning vacuum system can deal with it. The dust downer should be used with both these systems on carpet cleaning equipment. The dust downer Carpet cleaning equipment does not have dry dirt filters so this is needed. On HEPA dry vacuum systems like the Octavac, you do not use the dust downer.
    Other equipment you might need:
    ULV fogger
    Micro Mist II Wet Fogger 115V also used by pet groomers and pet parents for drying or misting their dogs , fogger, Foggers, Equipment Restoration, Easy to use36 to 48 flexible hose and finer tip control Large capacity 1.5 gallon corrosion-proof tank, w...

    Air duct Sanitizer
    Sporicidin Disinfectant 4 1 Gallon Case , RE-1284C, Duct & Mold, Chemicals, by Sporicidin, FDA EPA approved for disinfection of medical dental devices, equipment and surfaces. Also, recommended for presoaking semi-critical and critical surgical dev...

    Cordless Drill
    Cordless Drill With Padded Case, Cordless Dri, Sort, Miscellaneous, Cordless Drill With Padded Case Holds All Your Air Ducts Tools in One Place. 17-3 4 x 12-3 4 X 5-5 8 ALUMINUM CASE Has 3 layers of customizable foam insets to hold your TruboTeck Syste...

    7 ft ladder
    Van ladder rack

    The best system is the TurboAir duct cleaning system for truckmounts because it will clean all types of ducts up to 18" in diameter. $1788
    I would purchase the ULV fogger $287
    and a case of Sporicidian $99
    Total $2174

    If you are on a budget purchase the Turbobrite Silver pack $589
    5 pack of extra whips $90
    Extra 8" and 10" centering brushes $65 + $75
    Can of Teflon lubricant spray $10
    Dust downer $46
    ULV fogger $287
    and a case of Sporicidian $99
    Total $1261

    Prices subject to change without notice.
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      Most popular duct cleaning and inspection equipment

      Our best selling brush and vacuum style system is the Turbo Air
      The advantages to this system are the air hoses inside of the vacuum hose keep the unit light and agile and since you control the unit with your feet, it keeps both hands free for the ladder and vacuum hose. All the other systems, you have to use a hand controlled system while standing on the ladder. This means you only have two hands performing 3 functions (safety, hose pushing, whip control)
      This system does not come with a vacuum source.
      This system is includes an 8", 12", and 18" brush and since it is reversible it will clean both round and rectangular ducts.

      Check out the Octavac
      This can be used as the vacuum source for either the Turbo Air or the TurboBrite systems.
      Advantage over other systems is the HEPA filters are washable and the prefilter is found is sold at all HomeDepo, Lowe's, and Wal-Mart. Other systems make you purchase their expensive replacement filters.

      For smaller round ducts, consider the TurboBrite Silver packGreat for 4", 6" and 7" ducts that are round.
      The leading brushes are vacuum driven with a turbine located inside of the nozzle. Uses 1.5" ID vacuum hose and screw into the threads located on the inside of the vacuum hose. Vacuum hose is not included.

      See the TurboBrite Video.

      Help sell your services with color video air duct inspections. The two best selling systems are the high and low resolution duct camera.