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Generator for the Goliath carpet cleaning machine.

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  • Generator for the Goliath carpet cleaning machine.

    question: Hi, i'm looking to buy a Goliath flood pumper from you for a new ETM setup, just a couple quick questions.

    1: Do you ship to Canada? If so do you use a broker to transfer it over? what kind of fees are added? we have bought equipment from the states before only to occasionally find out they used a poor/no broker and we had to incur considerable border fees.
    2:We will be keeping out setup to 100-150 foot runs at most, will the 4/2 stage Goliath be sufficient? or will the 6.6 model be needed?
    3: What sized Generator sets will be required for both models? this is also assuming they have the pump for carpet cleaning installed.
    4: We will be buying within a week and would like to get this rig set up asap, how fast can you ship out a unit?
    5: Can you recommend a high quality electric water inline heater? We want everything electric as much as possible to support a green image, we will be using lukewarm water in the tank but would like a boost before it hits the floors.
    We hope to hear back from you soon, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

    Answer: We do ship to Canada.
    You can hire what ever broker you want. Shop around...

    Custom's Broker we use is Carson's International
    PH 888-422-7766
    Suite 260, 17735 First Ave., BC V3S9S1
    email: [email protected]
    att: Noemi Misajon

    The standard 30 amp vacuum system in the Goliath works very well for the 150 ft of hose.
    The Quad 6.6 will run 350 ft of hose.

    The standard Goliath's need a 420 cc engine or larger generator.
    Example the BE9000

    The Quad 6.6 is recommended to use a 630 cc generator or larger.

    We have never made a quad 6.6 with a carpet cleaning pump installed.
    It is always more economical to use a stand alone pump if you do not mind caring or rolling this option (or truck-mount it)
    Please look at package at
    This will out clean most every truckmount on the market today.

    To boost your water temperature with electricity visit
    These heater are available in different wattage's depending how fast you want to heat the water.