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240 volt roof and wall cleaning

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  • 240 volt roof and wall cleaning

    Question: We would like to purchase from your company roof and wall tile cleaning machinery plus escalators used to clean high rise window glass cleaning all in 240 volt single phase for use in Kampala, Uganda.

    Answer: Please note that there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of different machines that can be used to clean roofs, walls, tile...
    I wanted to give you some links to see if I am on the same page as your thoughts and you can let me know if this is what you are thinking about.
    I need to know the amp draw at 240 volts that is easily accessible to you was well.
    Example visit
    This unit would plug into a 15 to 20 amp 240 volt outlet, while
    This unit above requires plugging into a 30 amp 240 volt outlet.
    We have other units that plug into 40 amp and even 50 amp outlets that are even stronger.
    Naturally more power means faster cleaning (more cleaning units).
    Usually the higher amp outlets are harder to find. The Clean Storm 6720 can even run on a single 15 amp 240 volt outlet by just lowering the pressure to under 2000 psi (137 bar).
    Pressure washing can be performed with or without vacuum / air recovery. Normally you would want the ability to take equipment inside of a building so you can clean tile, walls, bathrooms, and even carpet cleaning by just adding vacuum. In the world of vacuum system, this too requires the knowledge of how much electricity is available at your job sites so you can purchase the correct machine to match the performance and distance you want to be able to use.
    Example look at Mytee 7000S
    This machine in 240 volts would require only dual cords 7.5 amps or single cord 15 amps @ 240 volts of power and then spikes to 17 amps when the auto dump pump kicks on and creates 34,690 vacuum units.
    Compare to the Goliath SBM-GO
    The above unit also requires single cord 15 amps at 240 volts and spinkes to 18 amp on one power cord during automatic dump OR dual cord at 8 amp and spikes to 9 amps and provides 42,500 vacuum units.
    Also Goliath with Quad 6.6 vacuum motors
    Requires 4 cords at 7 amps each at 240 volts and produces a massive 73,100 vacuum units.

    Roof cleaning attachments

    When it comes to wall cleaning attachments I need clarification if you mean with air/vacuum recovery or just straight cleaning.
    These type of unit are sold in fixed jet and spinning jets.
    Here are just two
    Cobra fixed jet air/ water recovery

    Here is an example of an air / water recovery spinner jet tool

    On the window cleaning, I wanted to let you know that can clean some window from the ground with{51}347
    these type of systems require pure water with the minerals removed.

    Escalator cleaning machines are located at