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  • Electric truckmount set up

    Question:Hi, I'm looking to do a electric truck mount/ portable setup. I like the Goliaths, and I have been also looking at the cross American jaguar... I would like to run it off of a generator. I also do tile and grout. Would you recommend the quad 6.6 vac Goliath with a water otter? What size generator ... I'm looking at using a little giant for heating the water. Also is there a way to setup a small fresh water tank and a small recovery tank with the Goliath (much like the jaguar offers). Thanks for all your help! -Justin

    Answer: Amp draw is King! This means that naturally the quad 6.6 Goliath is going to dry carpet and pull the air twice as hard as a dual 6.6 vacuum system like the Jaguar or Clean Storm 12-6500.
    Please do not under power your generator as your total amp draw should not exceed 80% of the run capacity of a generator or about 1/2 its surge rating. The Water Otter is a very good option for carpet and tile cleaning but no matter what pump you pick I can always pick one that uses more amp draw and will clean faster than the water otter (2400 cleaning units/speed). The claim to fame for the water otter is only needing a 120 volt 15 amp outlet while 1500 psi pump will need a 20 amp outlet (3000 cleaning units/speed). My personal favorite is the Clean Storm 6720 Cleaning Unit pump because it will work well with outdoor work at 2100 psi.
    If you want a fresh water tank, any tank, 55 gallon drum, would work fine. Please note that gravity feeding / suction feeding pumps does worsen their performance and lifespan between needed repair kits.
    Please also note that Little Giant is behind on production of propane heaters so please allow 30 days if you want this brand. We do have other brand and styles of high pressure heaters.

    Because you want to run on a generator, the generator size is going to be based on the size of the water pump with the goliath. Pick the pump and I can help you narrow down your generator search.

    Related links:
    Goliath Quad 6.6

    Jaguar 6.6

    Fresh Water Tanks

    Clean Storm 12-6500 dual 6.6 vacuums

    Water otter

    Clean Storm 6720

    3000 clean unit cold pressure washer

    High pressure heaters

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    Hi Donald,

    Thanks for the response. I was hoping for some help with a direction on this... I need it to handle tile/grout and carpet/upholstery. That's what it will be mainly used for. I need heat for both. I like the idea of LP heat but open to other sources. I would like to be able to run 100-200ft runs of hose. A balance in costs is obviously a part. I do like the idea of it still being portable if need be.



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      Electric truckmount options

      The smaller Goliath (quad 2 stage vacuum) will run 200 ft of hose while the Quad 6.6 vacuum motor will run 350 ft of hose.
      Smaller Goliath unit (not smaller in size just amp draw) 30 amp vacuum on 2 power cord = 42,500 vacuum units
      Larger unit 50 amp vacuum on up to 4 cord make 73,100 vacuum units!
      Other dual 6.6 system (use and average 24.8 amps) and make 36,550 vacuum units.

      You will will see this same correlation between amp draw and performance with water pumps /pressure washers too.
      You are going to have to pick between how much money you want to invest VS speed to complete the work/ surface types.

      The other consideration is the backup generator as once you get over 4 cord /15 amp system 7200 watt run/ 9000 surge / 420 cc engine the cost of the generators will jump up a bunch.
      Please note in the world of generators the engine size is King. In other words, if you have a 420cc engine and it states 10,000 watt surge, and you have another 420cc generator and it state is a 9000 watt surge, they are the same generator with different stickers. The 10,000 surge generator just cost more but does not offer any more running watts.
      Example the BE9000 will run four 15 amp cords but you would have to decide if you want 2 cords for vacuum and 2 for the water pump, or 3 cords for vacuum and 1 for the water pump. This would change the type of equipment you purchase. Or again purchase a larger generator.
      Today the BE9000 with a China engine cost about $880 delivered while a Honda 13,500 watt generator cost $3,698.88 + shipping.

      Example of 4 corded package

      Example of 3 corded package

      Example of 7 corded package with backup generator

      All propane system with heat 6 cords


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        Thanks again for your great response Donald.

        If I were to go with one of the packages for the 3 or 4 cord setups... What size generator would be needed. Also can those packages be adjusted/customized to swap out items I currently have to accommodate for other things like hose reels, little giant ect.

        Can those pressure washers in those packages be mounted without wheels in the van?

        Thanks for your help


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          Top generators to run carpet cleaning and tile cleaning machines

          The BE9000 is perfect for 4 cored packages because this is the largest yet reasonably priced 420cc honda clone engine.

          Once you get into 5, 6, and 7 corded packages, you will need to move up the a commercial generator like the Honda 13,000 watt generator

          Both system require us to build a special power box to pull the electricity out evenly on both sides of the internal windings.


          Your goal is to always use customer supplied power to your equipment and only use the generator as a backup.
          The customer electric cloth dryer plug can operate four 15 amp cords and if and when you need a 5th cord you can throw up to the outlet on the front porch or garage.
          When you are running a high pressure water heater you can also cut your fuel bill in half by re-heating the customers hot water.

          All the pressure washing systems can be mounted in the van without the wheels. Please keep in mind you will need some way to clean high rise buildings too. While you cannot operate fuel fired high pressure water heaters, you can operate a pressure washing pump off the customer supplied hot water on those upper floors.


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            I believe I have it dwindled down...

            I like the cleanstorm 6720

            with the little giant 3ht extreme psi

            the goliath quad 2 stage

            with some others... i have most in my shopping cart. Is there anyway you can pull it up and see what else you would recommend or what I would absolutely need?

            Also would a 420cc 8750 peak 7000 running watt generator do the trick?

            For the high rises I have a portable that I currently use, and for the limited amount of high rises I do, that will work just fine.

            Sry for a million questions.


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              Could a gas pressure washer that has a pressure unloaded/regulator be adjusted to be used for theses purposes as well? Like the clean storm electric can


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                pressure washers can be converted into carpet and tile cleaning machines

                All pressure washers can be converted into carpet and tile cleaning machines.
                Any pressure washer with a triggered gun means it contains an unloader/ regulator and these can be either adjusted, replaced, or supplemented (more than one unloader/ regulator on one machine) to achieve the correct psi.
                Your question above got cut off so I do not know what Clean Storm Pressure washer you are talking about. The Clean Storm 6720 pressure washer can be turned all the way down to under 50 psi or all the way up to 2100 psi at 3.2 gallons per minute.
                The issue we have on gasoline HOT pressure washers is they have one or more safety switches on them to make the burner light to heat the water. These can include temperature control, flow control, and pressure control (as mentioned in another post on this forum). All hot gasoline pressure washers can be converted to carpet and tile cleaning too.
                To convert a pressure washer means to alter it and will void the factory warranty. It is not going to hurt the pressure washer if done correctly but none of the factories like customers or dealers altering their equipment.

                General Pump 100538 Dial Thermostat 86 - 250 Degrees F. 781999 Temperature Switch

                Clean Storm Low flow Switch to convert pressure washer for carpet cleaning

                Clean Storm 215 psi Pressure Switch Sensor for Pressure Washers and Truckmounts

                Arimitsu 70045 Pump Unloader Valve Series MV580 3 Port 0-2500 psi 0-8 gpm EZ Start Feature

                Any 420cc engine generator will run these 4 (15 amp) corded system as long as you do NOT plug into the outlets on the generator. You must purchase a converter for it and GROUND the generator (as mentioned in another post on all the options on how to ground a generator).
                Please also note that running this equipment on a generator shortens the life of each component.
                Example vacuum motors that normally would last a year with building current will only last 6 months on a generator.
                Never turn on all the items on the generator at the same time. Turn each switch on slowly and one at a time. Please also note the generator you are talking about does not include the battery or a wheel/handle kit.

                I like the components you selected since they will run on either an electric dryer plug or an economic generator. As of right now I still have a concern that the little giant extreme series heaters are back ordered for a month.

                Electric Converter Generator L14-30P to drier converter adapter 10-30R

                Clean Storm Restoration Spider Box Starter Package 4 Head 230 volt to 4 gang 5-20R GFCI with Breakers 20151104
                (we would have to remove the gfci and replace with regular decora outlets - required to operate the Clean storm 6720 pressure washer)

                Extension Power Cord 230 Volt 50 ft 10 gauge 3 wire 10-3 with ends installed 10-30P to 10-30R

                The above links would give the possibility to operate from the customer's home as your first choice and you only use the generator as a back up.

                Hydrotek CPNH5-LP Propane Fired Hot Link
                Is a possible option until Little Giants sales come back online.

                (as of 12/07/15 Little Giant High pressure water heaters are back on line and for sale!)
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                  Ok last set of questions.

                  Around here there is a lot of smaller apartments some without washer/dryer. Natural gas also used a lot for ranges (Pennsylvania)... If I was running the 3 cord... (Goliath and clean storm or water otter) setup. The cords for the Goliath? I need 1 20amp rated extension cord correct? And then the second is 15amp... Water otter or clean storm would be up to 15amp? Am I understanding this correct? (I'm talking the cord itself not just the outlets.). Most homes have 20amp in kitchen, bathrooms, washer outlets?


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                    Goliath carpet cleaning and flood pumper power requirements

                    I have now way of knowing if the outlets you find will be 14 gauge wire on 15 amp breakers or 12 gauge wire on 20 amp breakers. This is an advantage with the Goliath because it always works in all environments.
                    I would be clearer to me the exact Goliath we are talking about as the Goliath housing is made with lots of different configurations under the hood. Two power corded Goliaths are made with the following formats under the hood:
                    Quad 2 stage with 30 gpm auto dump.
                    Dual 3 stage with 3.3 gpm auto dump and 1500 psi
                    Quad 2 stage with 500 psi and 30 gpm auto dump.
                    Quad 2 stage with 500 psi Heat Exchanger and 30 gpm auto dump.
                    Quad 2 stage with 30 gpm auto dump and Heat exchanger (no pressure pump but used to preheat water before fuel fired heaters to cut propane bill)
                    Dual 3 stage with 3.3 gpm auto dump and 1500 psi + heat exchanger

                    3 power corded machine is the Complete Heat Goliath
                    Quad 2 stage, 500 psi, Heat Exchanger + 1750 watt electric heater on the 3rd cord.

                    All the machines in the both list above will operate on either one or two power cords except for the Tile cleaning Goliath 1500 psi machines. Both power cords must be plugged in at all times to use this machine. This machine to can operate in either dual 15 amps or dual 20 amp environment, you just have to adjust the water pump pressure below 1100 psi to operate on dual 15 amps. Dual 20 amps is required for 1500 psi.

                    With all the remaining Goliath configurations, you will just turn off features if you provided it with less power.
                    Let me give you an example of the Quad 2 stage, 500 psi Heat exchanger model below:
                    Please note the heat exchanger does not require any electricity so it will automatically turn on each time you are using one or more vacuum motors.
                    Auto fill also does not need or consume electricity so it also always works.
                    Each vacuum motor needs 7.5 amps of power, 500 psi needs 2.7 amps, auto dump pump needs 3 amps but only runs for short burst because it dumps the waste tank so fast.
                    The machine is wired 2 vacuum motors plus pressure pump on one side, two vacuum motors with auto dump pump on the other power cord.

                    Ideally I would try to plug into dual 20 amp outlets so I can run all features but if I am in a dual 15 am environment, I could do the following:
                    1. run 3 vacuum motors, pressure feed auto fill, and 500 psi with heat, manual drain.
                    2. run 2 vacuum motors, pressure feed auto fill, 500 psi Heated with auto dump.
                    3. run 4 vacuum motors, high flow 75 psi extraction cleaning, manual drain.

                    Single 20 amp power cord environment:
                    1. dual 2 stage, 500 psi Heated, auto fill, manual drain.
                    2. dual 2 stage, auto dump, high flow extraction 75 psi Heated cleaning.

                    To date of this posting, I do not know of any other make or brand of carpet cleaning machine, tile cleaning machine or flood pumper that lets you pick between the number of power cords or amp draw. This is currently a Goliath exclusive. All other machines on the market require you to plug in both power cords.

                    The original Goliath 27 gallon flood pumper / quad 2 stage with 30 gpm auto dump needs one power cord 15 amps to run 2 vacuum motors, + a second 15 amp breaker to run the second dual 2 stage OR 20 amp breaker dual 2 stage + auto dump. This 2nd power cord toggles between 15 amps for normal use and then spikes to 18 amps while the auto dump pump kicks on for a few seconds. Most dual 15 amp breakers will also not blow as it runs for such a short time frame to empty the waste tank. This machine too will run on a single 15 or a single 20 amp breakers. You just have to turn on just 2 of the 4 vacuum motors and use like most other dual 2 stage machines. Once you fill the power of quad 2 stage you will take the time to always find the second breaker.

                    The Water Otter Pumptec 80346
                    at full power needs a dedicated single 15 amp breaker but like with all pumps they need about 50% power to turn on and one additional amp for each 200 psi you ask it to push.
                    This places the math at 500 psi for carpet cleaning at the following: 7.5 amps to turn on + 2.5 amps extra for 500 psi = 10 amps.

                    The Clean Storm 6720 pressure washer works the same way both it always needs two power cords.
                    The webpage link above list the power requirement examples at different pressures.
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                      Ok let me try to re word this...

                      I'm talking the quad 2 stage with no pump 26/27 gallon Goliath
                      With either the single cord cleanstorm or the water otter.

                      Now with that said 2 of the 3 cords will run on 15amp breakers

                      But the second cord on the Goliath with the pump out needs 20amp

                      Does the extension cord itself for the 2nd Goliath cord then need to be rated for 20amps
                      I know 50' cords are included but I would want to buy possibly on or two 100ft cords
                      One for the 15amp Goliath cord and 1 for the 20amp.


                      Or do I simply need a 12/3 15amp rated cord for the 20amp cord of the Goliath


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                        Is it ok to run over 75 ft of 10-3 power cord pulling 18 amps?

                        Please note we do not recommend running over 75 ft of 10-3 cord with 18 amps of power
                        100 ft starts to offer too much resistance.
                        For one power cord on the Goliath it would be prefered to use the above 10-3 cord if you are going to run over the provided 50 ft.
                        I am not sure what you mean by "single cord Cleanstorm." The Clean Storm 6720 pressure washer always needs dual cords to plug in.
                        With the Water Otter at 500 psi for normal carpet cleaning and with the Goliath Quad 2 stage flood pumper running all for vacs this system will use one cord at 10 amps (water otter), one cord at 15 amps (half the Goliath), one Goliath cord that will toggle between 15 amps (dual vacs) and 18 amps (dual vacs with auto dump). The auto discharge pump only runs for a few seconds at 18 amps because it drains the machines so quickly. Most customer find that it will still operate on a 15 amp breaker as long as your extension power cords are not too long. The auto dump pump will kick on when the machine is half full or at about 13 gallons and drains to 3 gallons. If discharging through a garden hose the machine will drain these 10 gallons in 30 seconds. If discharging through the 1.5" discharge port, it drains 10 gallons in 20 seconds. For cleaning, most customer will place an average 1 gallon a minute on the carpet so the 10 gallons will not need to discharge again for 10 more minutes.

                        The provided 50 ft of 12-3 power cord works fine for use at 50 ft because the power spikes to 18 amps for such a short duration every 10 minutes.