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  • Electric Auto Detail Start Up Package Help

    Question: I am looking for a package deal for the auto detailing I am looking for electric pressure washer and the carpet extractor and vacuum plus all the attachments chemicals to start up a business seeing if you could help

    Answer: The number of power cords you are willing to plug in is key as power consumption is in direct result to cleaning speed and efficiency. The answer is to be combined with budget. I personally think that I would take a more synergisit approach to this project as it allows you to be both portable and truckmounted with the most surface types.
    This would be to take a flood pumper vacuum system, mate it with a pressure washer and heating system.
    Top two flood pumpers:
    Goliath (recommended){44}309{53}356{60 }418{43}294{21}210{23}274{59}414{15}161{51}344{26} 224{22}218{25}219
    Mytee 7000S

    Example of some pressure washers
    Clean Storm 6720 (recommended)
    AR 630 Hot

    Add a heating system
    HydroTek diesel and electric (recommended)
    Little Giant eXtreme Pressure

    Add your power supply kit

    Add Hoses

    add for Tools based on surface types to clean (too many to chose from on this thread)
    add for chemicals based on surface types.
    add for prespreay system (pump up or injection)
    add for van accessories, shelves, reels, hangers
    add for installation connections (based on brands, sometimes you need converters to hook brand A, with brand B and C to make all work together)
    add for agitation systems to facilitate cleaning.
    add post grooming and drying accessories as needed for surface materials.

    The above package is an example of a 5 power corded $6000 system. If your budget is less, we could pick a 4, 3, 2 or even single power corded auto detail package but as you drop cords, you will have to take a lot longer to do each job as well as not be willing to perform as many types of surface types.
    The above example lets you perform the services you mention plus exterior pressure washing, flood pumping/extraction, air duct cleaning, fire restoration, and tile and grout cleaning.
    Again, I need to know your number of cords and budget to help.
    Donald Cook
    Certified Master Cleaner
    Certified Master Restoration Cleaner
    Certified Senior Claim Inspector.