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Kleenrite Sphere with CO2 injection

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  • Kleenrite Sphere with CO2 injection

    Question: I would like to inquire about the Kleen Rite Sphere machine. I would like to know if I can order from you directly or I have to contact the European distributor?
    Furthermore questions:
    Is this machine able to clean the carpet with a special additive that transforms into Co2 that helps to clean the carpet deeply with high pressure and dries quick?
    Doesn't it makes no harm to the electric wires and the seats?
    Is it environmentally friendly and chemical-free?
    The price on the website is net or gross price?
    In case of having international tax number am I allowed to order from you to European destination?
    How much would be the shipping cost to Austria?

    Answer: We sell and ship direct from our location. We do not have a location in Europe.
    Please note that Kleenrite takes 30 days to build machines so if you are in a hurry, sometimes you might want to consider a different band.
    Please note the Sphere body style is made in different vacuum configurations, different water pump pressures, and with and without heat.
    Please clarify the model you are looking for as the factory will not make every model in 230-240 volts.
    I am not sure if the "quick dry question" was for upholstery or carpet cleaning. For carpet cleaning simply add a carpet blower / fan to the carpet.
    If the question is for upholstery cleaning, simply purchase a pump with 150 to 500 psi and then upgrade to "internal spray" hand tool.
    These internal spray hand tools clean bi-directionally with zero overspray and dry almost twice as fast as open spray or closed spray hand tools.

    Kleenrite does private label some of the Chem-dry and Hydramaster portables. The CO2 option in not available from us.
    Sometimes customer will add or use oxidizer additives to the prespray and or add hydrogen peroxide to the rinse.
    Example of a oxidizer enzyme prespray: Pounce
    Shazaam Pounce Odor Stain Remover, SBM129, Pet Treatment, Chemicals, by Shazaam, USES Pounce is a very easy to use, yet extremely effective cleaner, deodorizer, and stain remover for pet urine damage and body fluid clean up. DIRECTIONS Add 4 oz of Poun...

    An example of a peroxide additive for your rinse
    Shazaam Clear Up - 1 Gallon, SBM105, Pet Treatment, Chemicals, by Shazaam, Uses Used to remove organic dye and urine stains from synthetic fabrics. Directions Best results are optained by precleaning area with Shazaam Knock Out. Rinse affected spot wit...

    You can clean car interiors without harming the wires in the seats. You just do not want to turn the seat heaters on while the seat is wet.
    You asked, "Is it environmentally friendly and chemical-free?" Answer any machine can be used with just water or with environmentally friendly cleaners.
    The website displays the net price as shipping and tax and duties will be added to these numbers.
    Shipping can be to an airport, to your home, or to an ocean port.
    You would have to clarify your complete order and location in order to get a shipping rate.
    Payment is by wire transfer.