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Help me pick a company name!!!

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  • Help me pick a company name!!!

    Im doing some research now. I bought a Galaxy porty and a rotovac. I have an old Propane Hydramaster TM. I'm just saving some money for some advertising now. Help me pick out a catchy business name. I'm aware that are already taken somewhere else. I will be doing business in the Northern California.

    Things i've thought of




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    carpet cleaning buiness names

    Please avoid using personal names in your name. For example do not call your company Don's Carpet Cleaning, or Scots Cleaning Pros or something similar. Do not use initials like B & D Cleaners or similar. Do not use the family approach like Jack and Son's Cleaning. None of these names offer the nation wide appeal for franchising or even selling your business.


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      Originally posted by John
      I don't think its a good idea to use that as far as copying another business's name, but for some general concepts. Consider what it is you're doing, and also take into account things that you MIGHT expand outward on. Some people have their company as "XXXXXXX Services" and on their van, when they aquire a new feature, or service to offer, they add it on their advertisements, and van (eg, duct cleaning, flood extraction)

      Think versatility.

      That way, when a customer looks up "Steam pro Carpet Cleaning" they'll automatically assume you do carpet cleaning, and nothing else. But with a slightly vague word, or word placement, you could potentially get and extra second or two stare at your name, and can avoid that automatic ad rejection.

      Just my two cents.
      very very true!! thank you for the insight!

      Donald, i agree and it was never an option to use my name.

      thanks again!


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        How about STEAM-IT!

        jUST A THOUGHT


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          "The Carpet Muncher"!
          (800) MUNCHER