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    What is the policey when it comes to hiring people. I have my own carpet cleaning business and work alone. But i'm starting to get really busy and i'm wanting to hire 1 or 2 people. As far as making them either employees or subcontractors, what kind of red tape do I need to go through?? Do I need to contact the workforce comission and IRS for an employee tax id Number? Or what?

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    emplyee VS subcontract

    You first are going to need to decide do you want to supply everything or nothing. What I mean by this is: Subcontractors would need to supply their own transportation (or rent a vehicle from you), need to own their own equipment (or rent one from you), need to be making an effort to get some of their own jobs (without stealing yours), purchasing their own chemicals (can be from you), have their own communication system (cell phone). They have their own assumed name and you write checks to their company name. They do their own taxes, quarterly estimates,and have disability insurance and liability insurance.
    Employees you provide everything. Most of the time employees can be paid by salary, by the hour, hour + commission, straight commission. Subcontractors are straight commission. Subcontractors usually get paid twice as much because they have expenses. For example straight commission for employees runs between 10 to 25% of the invoice and subcontractors 35% to 50%.
    Many companies offer both options to workers depending on the level of stuff the worker can provide on their own. Or a worker might start out as an employee and then move up to doing subcontractor work as they start their own business.
    A third option is to use employee leasing company. They do all the withholdings and tax and insurance. you provide the work.


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      why didn't you just call them about it?
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        Hiring info

        Just don't hire illegal immigrants if you need cheap labor and if you hire labor under the table, don't give the illegal immigrants a job.