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    i am about to place a yellowpage ad . any opinions on including the per room price as none of the other cleaners have and im looking for a way to stand out of the crowd most of the cleaners in my area have been around a long time and im just starting out.

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    price by the room

    I already tried this. I cannot say that it helped or hurt. My problem is only one out of 10 calls would ultimately turn into a job that booked and did not cancel. I was
    spending hours on the phone with customers that had a 90% chance of never making any money from. I figured that by posting the price only customers that where ready to spend the money would call and book the job. There are only three things you need to concentrate on with business: Saving time, saving money, and making money. Giving free estimates to customers that where never going to use our service does not perform any of the three above functions. Many customers still called and ask how much we charged even though the price was next to the phone number. I believe this is because most customers do not know what questions to ask a carpet cleaner and want a little phone time to get a 'feel for you' before making a commitment. At the time, this is what I posted:
    Steam Cleaning $18 per room (prespray and steam rinse)
    Rotary prescrub shampoo add $8 per room
    One hour Dry time add $8 per room
    Rooms over 200 sq ft count a two rooms.
    Let us look at a typical living dinning combo + hall
    The living room portion would always be over 200 sq ft so it was $36
    Dinning $18
    Hall - half price $9
    Most customers never clean with enough frequency so would need the prescrub 3.5 areas X $8 = $28
    Total cleaning $36 + $18 + $9 + $28 = $91.00
    About 25% of our customers would spend the extra 25% for the one hour dry time. In this case $28 = $119.00
    I also used to run two adds at the same time. One display add without prices and one in column with prices. The goal was to try to apeal to each type of customer.


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      Thanks Donald!

      Thanks for your advice it was very helpful.... ,Fordman