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Need help with advise carpet biz

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  • Need help with advise carpet biz

    Hi there Im going to be opeing in june 08. Im going to be using a mytee dx 1003 and a rotovac. Any opinions wit my equipment , cant afford truck mount. 6.50 a room .10 sanitizer .10 scotch and 10 a room for deep clean rotovac. What chems do you other cleaners use.

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    I'm actually in the process of going green soon. I don't have direct control over the exact cleaners right now, because my partner does that. I've demanded to him that we go green within the next two months.
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      advise carpet biz

      Big E,,

      Your start up prices are not realistic. Prices like $6.95 a room & $9.95 a room only attract Price Shoppers which are not good customers and it will make you look like a bait & switch company. You should be charging at least .25 - .30 sq ft,,,.15 for scotchguard. You need to set your prices to make money and PROFIT. If you have any more questions or help send me an e-mail

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        Need help with advise carpet biz

        If you are just starting a home business and have any questions or just want to share... please feel free to post here.

        We would love to help you