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    The trucking company damaged my equipment. What do I need to make a claim?

    Four things must be present in order to be successful in getting reimbursed on shipping damage:
    1. Do not sign the shipping receipt that the contents are good condition when they are not. You must note on the receipt that their is damage. If you read the small print on the trucking company receipt, it will say something like: "I hereby in receipt of goods in good condition...." If you fail to note the damage and try to make a claim after the fact, you chances are going to be slim.
    2. Save the box(s) and take photos and email them to the trucking company and to us
    3. You must actually have damaged equipment. If the box is all torn to shreds and it looks like that they ran over your box and drug it down the street and the machine works and still looks OK, please do not make a claim. The shipping company does not pay for damage to your box and packaging contents.
    4. Do not make claims like: "The factory poorly packaged this," or "The shipper did not use enough padding inside of the box," or "This was poorly wrapped." Comments like this will ensure that you claim is denied and you will not get paid anything. You are making a claim against the shipping company, not the shipper. Remember it is always the shipping companies fault.