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  • Donald - Equipment Advice for New Startup


    I have spent several hours reading through the forums. I sure am glad that I found this forum BEFORE I purchased any equipment.

    I worked my way through college working for Stanley Steamer back in the 80's.

    My wife and I own a business that is very seasional and thought that adding a second business cleaning carpets would be great for the "off season" and a compliment to our existing business.

    My question to you is exactly what equipment would you start with today. We would like to work in the residential and commercial (rental units and apts) markets.

    Portable extractors make the most sense for our beginning budget. Or perhaps we should "bite the bullet" and purchase a van and truck mount.

    I read on several of your answers about offering a variety of solutions for the customer. I.e. would you like Dry, Bonnet or Steam.

    I think that it would be wise to be able to offer all three methods.

    Please make any suggestions about equipment and chemicals.

    Thank you,


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    sample start up

    The most popular are machines with at least 6 stages of vacuum so you can used up to 75 ft of hose, or have faster dry times, or clean the second floor without having to take the machine with you up stairs. Higher pressures clean twice as fast as low pressure machines and time is money. Heated machines are twice as aggressive as non heated machines. Look at the Sandia and Mytee dual 3 stage, 500 psi, heated machines. Add an electrical converter so as not to have to hunt for circuit breakers, Add an injection sprayer to prespray, add a lightweight rotary floor machine with a glide brush, dirt napper bonnet systems, carpet rake and some chemicals and you will be able clean fairly rabidly and aggressively. At some time in the future if you want to add tile cleaning (auto fill), flood restoration (auto dump), air duct cleaning, it is easy to do with just a few accessories.