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    I am looking to start the new business very soon. Need an advise as to which equipment to choose. Here is what I need: portable extractor, with adjustable pressure up to 1500 psi (carpet and hard surface cleaning), heated, min. 75 ft hose. Which machines would you recommend and why?

    Thanks a lot

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    Agressive tile and grout cleaning equipment

    I like the Mega 3 extractor for it has 6 stages of vacuum, a large 20 gpm dump pump and does not require team lifting or a ramp because it is lightweight. Use an 1500 psi electric water pump like the HTTP:// because you can use indoors and large commercial buildings and when you have outside access, use a heater like HTTP:// The entire project would cost about $4,000 but really would work well.


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      Thank you.

      I will be checking the options you suggested. Do you know anything about Rotovac and how does it work on commercial projects?


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        power wands

        Power wands, including the rotovac use lots of water. Because of this you need a machine with auto fill and dump and losts of vacuum (at least 6 stages). Rotovac is expensive, you might want to look at the SM100 Spinn Master wand.
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          Hi i am starting a wall brick-cleaning business and i would like to know which hand held machine would suit me best. Ive identified a few of products you have with the likes of the Mosmatic: Economy Hard Surface Cleaner FL-EB-8"-1/4" NPT M-2x1/8"-NPT F-4000 PSI-78.250 and the Mosmatic: Economy Surface Cleaner FL-EG 300 Diameter 12", 1/4"NPTM, KDYF, 2x1/8"NPTF-4000 PSI Combination wall and floor surface cleaners-78.262 which is bigger in diameter.

          Would i be able to hold these machines against a vertical wall doing about 2000-3000 psi without a water release system like a vacuum hose?

          Would the pressure push me back away from the wall?

          Is there a machine you would recommend that has an advantage over others?


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            Tile cleaning option: take the pump out of the machine

            I am a big fan of more vacuum, more pressure, and a system that is easier to lift in and out of the service vehicle.
            This is accomplished by separation of the vacuum system from the pump system. The two strongest vacuum systems in the all-in-one tile cleaning systems are the Sandia 80-5000 (5 stages of vacuum) and the US Products Torrent (six stages of vacuum). The problem with the Torrent is the vacuum motors are tuned down so they do not draw much electricity and this makes them perform with less vacuum than the Sandia. The problem with both these machines is that they weigh over 200 lbs so you have to team lift them or use a ramp. But if you purchase a flood pump with 6 or 8 stages of vacuum the weight of the machines drops to under a 100 lbs with the vacuum is improved by 15 to 25%. The water pumps difference is the same too. If you compare the water in the Sandia 80-5000 and the US Products, they currently use the Pumptec 356 series pump 1200 psi pump. Remove the pump from the housing and take 75 lbs out of the machine and now you can purchase a 1500 to 2000 psi pump. Now you are cleaning 25% faster with the added pressure. For example you could mate the Goliath 8 stage vacuum flood pumper with the BE Pressure P152EC. This makes for super long hose runs, massive auto dump, great cleaning pressure and speed and you do not have to team lift the equipment or use a ramp.

            Sandia 80-5000

            US Products Torrent

            Pumptec 356

            Goliath Flood Pumper

            BE Pressure P152EC


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              I noticed he wanted to use this set-up you are recommending for cleaning carpets as well. The solution pressure and water would come through the pressure washer, is that correct? I know we chatted about this the other day, and I had only one reservation. My Cat (brand) pump recommends that it be cycled with water every minute or so to avoid burning out the pump. If one needs to stop and move furniture or chat without triggering your pump theoretically would get hot. I would think one would need some sort of on demand pump instead, that I don't think is even available on a pressure washer. Am I correct?
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                Thermol temperature relief valves on cold pressure washers

                Most pressure washers have a thermo temperature relief valve on them. Example:
                If you set the wand down for a few minutes the pump head will raise the internal water temperature and if the water reaches 145 degrees F. the sensor discharges this hot water down a tube and into the sink. Usually most people take a 1/4" ID piece of tubing and cable or zip tie it from the pump back to the sink. So you have a hot water garden hose feeding the pump and then the tubing coming back from the pump back into the sink. In most cases the tubing does not discharge any water, rather it is only used if and when the water gets too hot. For example let is look at the BE Pressure P152EC
                The safety thermo valve is installed right on the pump head (sorry, not visible from this photo at the time I wrote this) The factory does not include the tubing for they figure you are using the pressure washer outside.
                Naturally if the thermo temp valve releases the hot water from the pressure washer new water inters from the sink to replace it and this cools the pump head down.
                This is the same set up for carpet cleaning as well. You would have to turn the water pressure down to 400 to 500 psi for carpet cleaning. We do offer demand pump pressure washers but since these are used for the pressure washing industry they are not recommended for carpet cleaning. If someone is pressure washing, they squeeze the trigger on the cleaning lance for the majority of it use. This is also true for tile cleaning. But for carpet cleaning the technician is performing many dry stokes and is not using any water. This will usually cause the switch to wear out very quickly. This is true with Cat pressure washer 1573011
                When you release the trigger on the cleaning lance, the pressure washer will turn itself off after about a minute of non use to prevent the head from getting too hot. When you squeeze the trigger the pressure washer will turn itself back on again.
                In this example the BE Pressure washing pump would work well for pressure washing as well as for both carpet and tile cleaning and the Cat 1573011 would work great for pressure washing with tile cleaning but I am leery how long the pressure switch will last on carpet cleaning.


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                  Unfortunately most of the time i get called to pressure wash brickwork there is no power on site so i guess a vacuum system is out of the question. What about if i connect my pressure washer to a 12" mosmatic surface cleaner attach a vacuum hose to it at about 2000-3000psi and run that across the wall and let the water build up run through and discharge on the ground would that work?


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                    gasoline pressure washer vacuum water recovery and reclaim

                    We have gasoline vacuum recovery systems:
                    as well as the electric systems
                    that can run on a generator.

                    If you are using a vacuum recovery wand on a wall without vacuum the water just runs out of the lip and onto the ground. Very little water would even end up in the vacuum hose if one was attached.


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                      Goliath vs. Cross American Jag 6.6

                      How does the Goliath Flood Pumper and the Cross American Jaguar 6.6 actually compare? Obviously one is a flood pumper and the other an extractor. The Cross American is actually a tad lighter, how about the other specifications? Is one superior over another?


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                        Jaguar 6.6 VS Goliath carpet cleaning machine.

                        To begin with you want a comparison on a carpet cleaning machine to a flood pumper. The Goliath is available in a carpet cleaning water pump installed inside the housing too.
                        We do sell lots of Goliath flood pump machines that are mated with pressure washing pumps so they can be used to clean carpet and tile floors.

                        The Jaguar 6.6 is dual vacuum motors of a larger size, while the Goliath is 4 vacuum motors that are a little smaller.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 has a fresh water tank and the Goliath does not (direct connect or sucks out of bath tub, bucket,...)
                        Jaguar 6.6 has a plastic dump valve the Goliath is stainless steel.
                        Jaguar has a small auto dump pump in it and discharges through a garden hose. The Goliath auto dump pump is one the largest in the industry and is dual discharge ported and can discharge through a garden hose or a 1-1/2" vacuum hose.
                        Jaguar 6.6 does not have an auto defoamer, the Goliath does. (remember auto dump pumps do not dump suds only water)
                        Jaguar 6.6 does not come with any power cords (unless purchased in a package), the Goliath comes with dual 50 ft power cords.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 does not have a lint filter and the Goliath does.
                        The wheels on the Jaguar 6.6 are 10", the Goliath is 12" wheels
                        The Jaguar 6.6 uses 1-1/4" ID vacuum hoses on the inside of the machine as internal vacuum hoses. The Goliath uses 2" ID internal vacuum hoses.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 require the use eight Philips head bolts that have to be removed to access the inside of the machine and the two sections separate. The Goliath is latched and hinged.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 front casters are bolted into the lower plastic housing and are not retained with back up nuts, and Goliath casters are bolted with nuts and bolts through reinforced fiberglass.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 is a non heated, the Goliath can be ordered with a heat exchanger heater or heat exchanger with electric combination.
                        Both the Jaguar and Goliath use the Pumptec water pressure pump.
                        The Jaguar 6.6 comes with an exhaust system that helps reduce the noise the Goliath is does not.

                        Jaguar 6.6

                        Goliath carpet cleaning machine options


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                          Ok maybe ill grab a good generator, the Sandia 80-5000 looks awesome but at the moment with all the other equipment i need to get maybe cant afford it. I would imagine postage costs to Australia wouldn't be cheap. Have you got another model a bit less expensive with good sucking power and Auto dump?


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                            Budget problem

                            I am not sure how to answer you above question. Please read posting on how to narrow down you portable extractor search at
                            You have to decide what is important to you. Naturally the more feature you put in the machine, the higher the price. The more types of surfaces it will clean the higher the price. More vacuum, or more psi, or more heat, causes the price to go up. If you are on a budget start their and just purchase the most machine you can get for the money. As you cut corners on equipment, this just equates to longer cleaning and longer dry times. You can get any surface pretty clean if you spend enough time on it. As you can tell equipment can cost $1000 or $20,000.00 and every where in the middle. People purchase machines like our Dragon because of the 'need for speed' or the ability to 'dual wand' tile cleaning


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                              Help choosing the equipment

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