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    Originally posted by Kristof View Post

    I am looking to start the new business very soon. Need an advise as to which equipment to choose. Here is what I need: portable extractor, with adjustable pressure up to 1500 psi (carpet and hard surface cleaning), heated, min. 75 ft hose. Which machines would you recommend and why?

    Thanks a lot
    I will answer your question with a couple of my own.....Why do you think you need 75 feet of hose? It sounds like you you've already made your mind up what you need and you are looking for purchasing advise. Do you want business advise or purchasing advise?

    I think you need to separate the hard floor cleaning from the carpet cleaning. Trying to do both with one machine is going to frustrate you and create problems on both fronts. If you use 1,500 psi on carpet you will destroy the carpet and probably create mold. The cheapest way to accomplish what you want to do is to practice Restoration Extraction on the carpets. This involves pre-vaccing the carpet, shampooing with soap free chemicals with a rotary floor machine and then hot water extracting the carpet with a low-pH rinse. This is the most effective way to clean carpet, is more thorough than truck mount steam cleaning and a helluva lot cheaper.

    For tile, either plan to invest about 8 grand in a hard surface portable with auto fill and auto dump features, a quality spinning tool and some other accessories and chemicals, or better yet, buy a commercial vapor steamer and some oxygen bleach and have a ball. This is a cheaper way out by far, but more time consuming. However, it's MUCH SAFER and you won't create a situation where you are liable to replace someone's floor because you ruined it in your ignorance of chemistry, because you're just using steam vapor.
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      Help with tile cleaning equpment

      In the world of tile cleaning/ carpet cleaning equipment portables they fall into a few different categories:
      500psi heated extractors, 1000-1500 psi all-in-one extractors (pressure washing pump under the hood), and synergistic equipment (individual machines that combined are more than the sum of their parts).
      1. 500psi heated machines are good carpet cleaning machines and can rinse tile floors that have already been scrubbed and cleaned. They do not have the ability to pressure wash rinse the floor, rather just rinse the floor with hotter water.
      2. 1000-1500 All-in-one tile/carpet extractors are all cold and just use the building temperature to clean with. This statement confuses many customer because they read the specs on the US Products Cobra Pro 500 and Mytee M12 and they both state they are heated extractors. What customer do not realize is when you turn on the 1200 psi tile cleaning pump it turn off the heater and they only clean at the building water temperature. Both these machines as well as others are suction feed extractors instead of pressure feed extractors which in-turn will cool the water down a little bit more. To convert to pressure feed is a dealer or self install upgrade. The problem with All-in-one tile cleaning machine is you are always sacrificing performance because of amp draw. In other words, because you have to plug into two power cords you have to make sure than both cords are under 15 amps or at least under 20 amps. The equipment designer is always trying to figure out how much amp draw should be used for vacuum and how much for pressure. Example Mytee M12 dual 3 stage low amp draw vacs (20 amp system) with 1000 psi pump, or Clean Storm 12-5000 is 5 stage vacuum (17.5 amp) with a 1200 psi (15 amp) pump, King Cobra is a 3 stage 13 amp vacuum with a 15 amp 1200 psi pump. Naturally the machine needs to be auto fill because these push up to 2 gallon per minute so a regular 12 gallon solution tank will only clean for 6 minutes. Since you are hooked to the sink you need a stronger vacuum to run longer hose runs since the machine is not going to follow you around the home. The other draw back to an all in one extraction machine is you just stuck a 50 lbs pump under the hood so you 150 lbs carpet cleaning machine now weighs 200 lbs. This will require you to team lift it or use a ramp.
      3. Best of all worlds is the synergistic systems because you do not need a ramp, you do not have to have a helper to lift the equipment in on out of your truck and the systems are much stronger for faster more aggressive cleaning because you are not limited to two power cords. You pick the pump system either hot or cold, as well as pump amp draw. You can chose from 15 amp 1200 psi units to 20 amp 1500 psi units. Then you pick the vacuum system amp draw and number of power cords you want to plug in. Example do I want my pump to be carry in or roll in. Hot or cold, take in side or leave outside. If I want hot do I want propane or kerosene. Do I want the pump on the heated systems to be part of the heater or portable so I can still take it in on high rise work. Do I want my vacuum to run on one power cord at 15 amps (Mytee 7303), two power cords for a 20 (Mytee 7300) or even a 30 amp vacuum system (Goliath Flood Pumper). The amp draw will dictate the amount of hose length you can run and not relocate the equipment as well as how fast you can dry carpets. Synergistic systems will take two, three or 4 power cords depending on how strong you want your system. Please note a 30 amp two corded all in one machine will have way less performance than a 55 amp 3 corded synergistic system. Just as a side note synergistic systems usually do not cost more than all in one systems. Please also note that all synergistic tile cleaning systems are all pressure feed instead of suction feed so they automatically clean at about 10 degrees hotter.

      Clean Storm 12-3500 Hot auto fill and dump

      Clean Storm 12-5000 All in one tile machine

      Mytee M12

      Mytee LTD12


      King Cobra

      Mytee 7303

      Mytee 7300

      Goliath Flood Pumper

      Pumptec Water Otter

      BE P152 1500 psi Industrial pump

      2750 psi Hot runs on two power cords + kerosene

      Future growth options: As you start to look at these options, you will notice that some machine are auto dump for only cleaning because they are rated for under 5 gallons per minute. Other can perform water extraction work because they are 20 to 30 gallons per minute auto dump. Some vacuum systems are too small for air duct cleaning while others have at least 6 stages of vacuum and can run air duct cleaning tools. Some pump will pressure wash exterior work because they pressure is over 2000 psi

      In summary the King Cobra machine is tailored to be left in an office building and not taken from job to job because it weighs too much and the vacuum is too weak for long hose runs needed for two story homes. Its low amp draw allows you to plug in anywhere.

      The Clean Storm 12-5000 is the best value all in one machine for its price and larger vacuum system than the M12 and larger auto pump out system than most other all in one units.

      Top performers: The Goliath Flood pump is king. Nothing comes close in performance in vacuum or auto pump out. Mate it with the pump and heating system of your choice. Naturally a hot pressure washer would give you the best results. The P152 1500 psi unit is also a beast. Add optional heat with propane or kerosene heater.

      Little Giant Propane

      Or Kerosene
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        Shopping For Truckmount


        I'm starting a carpet cleaning business and looking at truck mounts. I don't have very much knowledge about the equipment and need some suggestions.

        Are you able to use a 16 horsepower truck mount and clean carpet/tile in a timely manner. Do you really need a 20-30 horsepower machine to do quality cleaning?

        Someone suggested the Steambrite 20 Hp Stainless TruckMount Kohler 36 Blower SS Waste Tank. What are your thoughts on this machine? Will the Steambrite MFG: Stainless Flood Pumper 1633 16HP Lifan 33 Blower SS do the job.

        Thanks in advance.



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          TM1633 truckmount

          A 1633 truckmount can clean tile and carpet quite well. The pressure would be much higher than most portables that clean at 1000 psi 'use pressure.' All tile cleaning 'all in one' are going to have a 1200 psi standby pressure and about 1000 psi use pressure while the above machine will clean at a use pressure of a full 1500 psi. All the tile cleaning machines are cold and use the water temperature supplied the building. The TM1633 can take this same 110 degree water supplied by the home and boost it with the engine exhaust to clean to 210 degrees.
          Flood pump extractors and truckmounts do not have a pressure washing pump or heating system included so this would have to be added if you want to make it a tile and carpet cleaning system.