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    The finance may not work out, they seem to want info that I just can not provide. I can not provide a business lic that the city does not provide, and they do not require a carpet cleaner to have one, and they only issue a business lic to store fronts...I am still waiting for dan to see what the final word is...I am about fed up with this... I am considering just paying cash so i can avoid buying the machine twice over the next 4 years...


    I was reading some msg's on here about some guy not doing proper main. on his machine, and I would like to avoid problems like his...can you provide machine startup tips, shutdown, and storage tips...I would prefer my machine motors not to rust out over something I should have, or should not have done...


    have you ever considered re-designing the goliath to look more sleek? I would hate to think what customers think when i bring this big ugly box into their home, so far I have been unable to find anyone that can even recommend this machine, as I have yet to find anyone to raise their hand and say, yes I use this machine, bla, bla....before spending a few thousand $$, anyone would surely want to know how good a product is that they are buying...

    I did run into a carpet cleaner that took a look at what I was getting..he told me it was to big for my needs...and tried to sell me his 60psi recon unit for $550...I am certainly no pro, but 60psi?? personally, i would rather be over
    prepared on cleaning my customers carpet then underprepared, and then tell them that I am not able
    to get that stain up because my machine just can not do it. It also has a 3 gal tank, compared
    to the 20 gal tank I am looking at...sure, I may never need it, but since I am thinking of extraction
    one day, then I am just thinking ahead, and not it so wrong to plan ahead? I thought
    don's machine was ugly..I take that back, his was ugly, and no wheels...

    he does offer personal training on carpet cleaning...I might take him up on that...since ive
    never done this before...might be a good thing to get my feet wet before ordering...

    he also said not to use a stainless steal wand, but one that pivots...what do you think don?


    Do you have any carpet training videos on using portable machines?

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    General questions about portables

    The disadvantage with leasing is you will pay for the sales tax on the monthly payment, plus you will have document fees and interest. Leasing should only be an option if you cannot take a loan on it. For side by side comparison, our in house loans are at 7.9% for 60 months and the loan origination fee is 4.5%. For example a $5000 loan would cost you $225 down and $100 a month for 60 months. No sales tax due unless the factory or the dealer is located in the same state you are in.

    can you provide machine startup tips, shutdown, and storage tips?

    Yes I can but I do not know what machine we are talking about. I am sorry but I get hundreds of emails, live chat, and forum postings. If you are talking about the Goliath, just rinse it out after each job and leave the lid open when not in use.

    60 psi is some slow cleaning. Pressure is a form of agitation and the speed in which you stroke the carpet. I would never want to clean carpets with a 3 gallon tank and 60 psi. You would spend the entire day on one job. The only way you are going to make really good money at this is being able to clean large super diry jobs fast.

    You can give me your email address and I will forward you the name(s) of other Goliath owners that love their machine.

    The only pivot headed wands I know about are the PMF swivel headed stair wand and the Mytee Bentley wand. I cleaned with the PMF swivel wand and did not care for it. I have not cleaned with the Bentley wand but customers tell me that they like it. I would just use a regular dual jet stainless carpet wand. This comment about wands is weird. The far majority of carpet cleaners stoke the carpet is if they are trying to hurt their back. They do not stand up straight and are all cruched over their wand. I bet the customer that recommened the swivel headed wand is such a carpet cleaner.

    training videos on using portable machines?

    No all our training is cleaning carpet. It does no differenceat between portable and truckmount. If you are going to clean a carpet you need to know the fiber type, soil condition, carpet contruction, method it was installed, moisture adsobancy rate, resoil rate. You might want to be familiar with it ability to ploom, twist rejuvinate after cleaning, or its ability to reflect the violet spectrum of light. You might want to know the pH range to clean the carpet or the pH of the soil or how the carpet is used and maintained. You might want to know about what topical treatments have been applied. None of this has anything to do with weather I can with a truckmount or a portable. The cleaning is the same. We have DVD's, books and videos to help you learn this trade.


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      question / need tips

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