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  • Tile cleaning machine options

    QUESTION: I would like a portable extractor strong enough to clean both carpet & tile, I like the Mytee extractor but don’t know which is best? I like the prices range on the Mytee extractors.
    I like the auto fill/auto dump feature
    I don’t need a power wand at this time but prefer manual wand with at least 14” wide and 4 jets sprayer
    I like the injection sprayer but confuse about the difference between low pressure & high pressure usage?
    Extra sprayer containers
    I like the Hydroforce SX-15 for the tile cleaning
    I will need a couple of air movers
    Carpet rake & stain brush agitator
    I will need adapters, hoses, any other misc items
    I will need a urine detector
    Tile hand tool
    Upholstery tool
    Booster if needed to run longer hose?
    Water claw (least expensive one)
    Grout stick
    Vacuum cleaner
    And whatever else you can think of that I may need for a job well done

    Will this information help with your quote?

    Whats the best bang for my bucks to get me started ASAP?

    Sincerely, Ken

    ANSWER: Machines that clean both carpet and tile have to use pumps that are rated for between 1200 and 1500 psi and weigh and extra 65 lbs. This means you have to decide weather or not you want the pump on the inside or the outside. With the pump on the inside this means the machine will weigh over the 150 lbs single man lift limit. You will be required to team lift the machine or use a ramp. This also means you now have limited yourself to a maximum of 5 stages of vacuum. (like the sandia or the mytee M12) 3rd down fall is this will limit the size of the auto dump pump. You will have to have a small auto dump pump limited to auto dumping for cleaning but you will not be able to perform water extraction job with it. The dump pumps are just too small. Their is no way a 14" wide wand is a consideration.

    If you leave the water pump water pump on the outside, then you can separately lift and load your service truck by yourself. This will also give you the ability to have 6 or 8 stages of vacuum. (longer hose runs, drier cleaner carpet) The auto dump pumps are massive and can pump 30 gallons a min instead of 2 to 3 gpm for water extraction removal. If you chose 8 stage machine, you can clean with a 14" wide wand. Examples are the Goliath, the Mytee 7000DX, Kleenrite Mega3. Mate you 1200 psi pump either with heat or without. Examples Pumptec Water Otter, or Mitho

    So you need to decide pump on the inside (all in one machine) or outside (loading and setting up two pieces of equipment). Heater or no heater. 14"+ wand or not. Auto dump pump used for cleaning dump or both cleaning dump with water extraction dump.


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    Does the M12 or king cobra heat cold water?

    Question: I’m confused, I’m guessing I want something that’s portable but yet powerful enough to clean carpet & tile & grout. I like the auto fill auto dump feature and I like a heater as well.

    What’s the most economical machine I can go with? Or do I have to get a separate machine for heat & cleaning tile & grout?


    Answer: None of the electric tile cleaning machines also heat the water. For example the Mytee M12 has a heater, but this heater only turns on for the 200 psi water pump. The US Products King Cobra has a heater in it and it too will only turn on the heater if the pressure is below 500 psi. Electric heaters cannot heat water fast enough to heat for tile cleaning except for the Volcano 9000. Electric heater only re-heat hot water and do not heat cold water. For example the Volcano 9000 watt heater is designed to be feed with your customers supplied hot water through it first. If you go to the local hardware store and purchase an instantaneous electric water heater for taking a shower, this heater is a 15,000 watt heater. Being that the most watts you can pull out of an electrical outlet is 2000 watts, you would have to plug this heater into 8 wall outlets on 8 different breakers. Not very viable option. The only way to heat cold water is with a fuel like diesel, kerosene, propane, bio-diesel. So look at the Goliath tile cleaning package. This is basically a flood pumping machine mated with a small heated pressure washer. Hook the cold garden hose to the pump and get 190 degrees out of the heater. All fuel fired systems have to stay outside. The only way to heat water for tile cleaning it to use separate systems.

    To see the above heater in action visit