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Job opening NE San Antonio TX Warehouse Work

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  • Job opening NE San Antonio TX Warehouse Work

    Steam Brite Supply is looking to hire warehouse help with equipment repair and diagnostic skills
    Steam Brite Supply is a 30 year old company with a minimum growth rate of 10% per year.
    Location NE San Antonio, TX 78233
    Non-Smoking office

    Job Duties and responsibilities:

    A. Packaging, Shipping and Receiving.
    B. Forklift operation
    C. Repairing carpet cleaning machines, pressure washers, vapor steam cleaners, floor polishers with good diagnostic skills
    1. Gas powered small engine work
    2. Electric powered heaters, carpet cleaners, vacuum boosters, flood pumpers, wiring
    3. Hydraulics: hose repair and replacement
    4. Can read and follow diagrams and schematics
    D. Assembly of cleaning equipment, cleaning compounds, heaters, power converters
    1. Know all their liquid measurements.
    2. Basic Chemistry knowledge (as taught in high school)
    3. Good organizational skills for designing faster assembly
    4. Can read and follow wire schematics
    E. Cleaning and maintenance of offices, warehouse, showroom, bathrooms.

    High School Diploma,
    Be able to pass a criminal back ground check
    Be able to pass a drug test
    Be able to not smoke while at work (working around flammables)
    Needs to be able to read and write English
    Must be able to lift 100 lbs
    Needs to know their liquid measurements.
    Needs to know how to use a ruler.
    Needs to be able to read a weight scale
    Needs to know how to show up to work everyday.
    Can work on Saturdays.

    Helpful Skills, Abilities, and Attributes:
    Has a basic understanding of chemistry, mathematics, physics - (just like you already learned in high school)
    Has good mechanical skills - good with their hands at fixing things.
    Needs to be great at multitasking.
    Be able to use a drill press, air tools, saws, grinder, and a welder.
    Likes to design new equipment
    Always sees a better way to make things work.
    Can use Auto Cad Software

    Submit a resume or work history for consideration by email only. If you call about the job or ask for direction because you do not know how to read a map, you will not be considered.
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