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Car Wash Credit Card Processing for less money

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  • Car Wash Credit Card Processing for less money

    JE Adams and SteamBrite Supply Now Offers An Affordable, Secure, and Easy to Use Credit Card Swiper on Vacuums & Air Machines

    JE Adams has partnered with CryptoPay™ Credit Card System and now you can add a credit card reader to JE Adams Vacuums and Air Machines.

    Your cost $350 per Swiper
    Your cost $350 per Coordinator

    Don't throw money away just to accept credit cards
    o Other credit card systems charge you $9.95 per month per swiper plus your processing fees. That can add up quickly!! See the example below:
    * The average number of vacuums per site is 4
    * $9.95 per month x per vacuum (4) = $39.80
    * $39.80 per month x 12 months = $477.60
    * $477.60 per year x 5 years = $2,388.00 in base charge fees!

    Competitor Credit Card System equipment $550 * 4 = $2200 to start

    JE Adams $350 * 1 = $350
    Coordinator $350 * 4 = $1400
    Swipers Total $1750
    You just need an internet connection to the office where you would run an internet connection to the coordinator ($350). Then you would mount the credit card swipe ($350 each) on the vacuum and its picks up the signal from the coordinator. No need to run internet to each vacuum.

    Secure Radio Mesh Wireless System (non-WiFi)
    o No PC or special software is required, no running cables to each credit card swiper. All you need is an Internet connection
    o Only one CryptoPay Coordinator needed per site supporting up to 50 CryptoPay credit card swipers
    o Credit Card Data is fully encrypted from the point of credit card swipe contact to the credit card processor. Card holder data is never ‘In the Clear’
    · Wholesale Credit Card Processing Rates
    o Offering First Data and Heartland Payments Systems
    o JE Adams and SteamBrite Supply do not receive any portion of your
    swipe fees to keep your costs low

    Retro kits available for existing equipment

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    Car Wash Credit Card Processing for less money

    How much is an internet connection per month to use this system? At home I pay almost $70.00 per month - would it be about the same to operate the "coordinator" box?


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      Car wash equipment credit card processing fees.

      The internet connection would be provided by you local cable provider or telephone company.
      Some connection fees are as low as $15 a month. As far as this equipment, no monthly fees.
      Processing is by First Data and Heartland Payments Systems and as far as their fees, I do not know what they charge. You would have to contact them direct for these fees too.

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        Hey thanks for ellobrating the calculations for swiping and prosessing fees. It is really important to do such analysis..