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  • Donald
    started a topic My new dehumidifier leaks!

    My new dehumidifier leaks!

    My new dehumidifier leaks!
    Dehumidifier with auto dump rarely actually leak. A couple of real causes are:
    1) If the entire unit was stored in a cold warehouse, you place a super cold housing in a 68 degree F humid job site, the entire housing, frame, internal components are all cold and...
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  • on part 12-6800-AFAD is the item in stock and is it ok to run the pump full time?

    Part Number: 12-6800-AFAD
    1. is this item in stock?
    2. the AD system is a little different than most ive seen. is it ok to run the pump full time? will it get damaged if i set the wand down for a bit and it runs dry?
    thanks, shaun

    Answer: We have the 12-6800-afad in...
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  • Internal spray want water is not hitting the fabric

    Question: Hello Donald, i purchased Wand PmF detailer 3.5" 500 psi internal spray clear plastic head. U1560PSB
    This is the first time i'm using this wand, and when i spray the shampoo out from the wand to the chair, the vacuum sucks it back inside, does not come outside the wand. Im assuming...
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  • what is the Tuthill Warranty on new blowers?

    Question: Can you tell us if this order # 2044781, Tuthill - 500621L2 Competitor Blower has a warranty?
    Our customer just asked us this question and we are not sure if anything is wrong, just trying to find out right now.
    Thank you, Kevin

    Answer: Tuthill warranty is for...
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