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  • Beware the scammer is back. I have just been contacted by a Larry Cotten who wanted to purchase $7,500.00 worth of equipment from our company. He wanted us to charge the goods and the shipping on one of his cards. My secretary called the Citi bank in Long Beach , CA for verification on the numbers. All three were not Mr. Cotten. A second set of 2 were sent to us and again they were reported and were not listed to Mr. Larry Cotten. I finally sent him a link showing he is a faud artist . We have not heard from him since. Names and address he used are :
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    larry cotten S.O.S
    Matlingan 17 Arninge
    72223 Sweden .

    Billing Address
    Address : 1216 E Broadway
    City : Long Beach
    State/Province : CA
    Zip/Postal Code : 90802

    Prince Sam with the Atlas Shipping Co.

    As stated by other people who have been in contact with this ring. They start off with decent use of the english language and the more questions you ask the more responsed you receive the worse their command of the english starts to surface. When they also start to up the amount on the shipping hoping that greed will take over that is when they sink the hook.

    I hope this helps .

    please contact if you need more info